No Zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified

"Fans of the Playstation Vita have been looking forward to the release of a Call of Duty title since the original announcement. However, Activision has confirmed something rather large for the upcoming handheld release: there will be no zombies."

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Steven211992d ago

I am seriously disappointed. Not that it will turn me away from the game it's just something I thought would be an amazing feature to have for the handheld version. It would have added tons of replay-ability to it. Oh well, I'm sure it'll still be a good game!

Knight_Crawler1992d ago

"No Zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified at launch but will be ready for you to purchase as DLC for $20 very soon" FIXED.

Yodagamer1992d ago

It's kinda sad the ds black ops had it, and yet nilhistic can't even manage it on the ps vita. Activision screwed this up big time when they hired them over n-space.

chrisarsenalsavart1992d ago

Are you seriously comparing a ds cod with vita?

Funny you never see anyone on n4g condemning Nintendo for leting EA or Activision giving them piss poor port of their favourite franchise.

i mean did anyone ever played fifa on 3ds? or Need for speed? Or any other games that do not come from nintendo or capcom?

Yodagamer1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Yes in matter of fact i did, it shows how crappy this call of duty game is, when a ds game has features that a portable far more powerful doesn't have. nilhistic is just a sad developer. And on top of it i never blamed sony on this game being bad.

JetsFool35001992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Sony Should Have Gave Zipper The Keys To Tha Franchise For Vita Instead Of Shutting Them Down

Agheil1992d ago

LOL if you actually cared for facts and went to their twitter page for the Q&A you would realize that Nihilistic would love to bring BO Z to the Vita but it's not their call but rather Activition and Sony's.

rpd1231991d ago

Exactly. Nihilistic is getting screwed. They get handed two FPS's to get done in a few months and then people bitch when they can't polish it and make it as good as it could be. That's not their fault. If the publisher's actually cared about their games, they'd make sure the development team got the time they need allow them to make decisions like adding zombies themselves.

rpd1231992d ago

Playing the DS version of Black Ops was like rubbing my eyes with sandpaper.

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Burning_Finger1992d ago

No Zombie INCLUDED... but DLC in the other hand is a different story..pffft Activision.

HammadTheBeast1992d ago

$20 says the dlc will be a port of the mobile zombies lol.

HebrewHammer1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Just lost a lot more potential sales...

Ares84HU1992d ago

Too bad!!! Oh well...there is the next 23473542397523 CoD games that I'm sure will be released on the Vita. Maybe one of those will have it.

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