Why 343 isn't ready to show us Master Chief's face

EuroGamer - But is it prepared to kill Halo's iconic hero?

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PtRoLLFacE1753d ago

when that day comes, it ll be the end of halo

crxss1753d ago

or at least the end of master chief's story

-Mezzo-1753d ago

I really don't understand behind them not showing his face.

Are they having a hard time imaging him.

munish231753d ago

In the books they have given a brief description of him. In the games however I think Bungie chose not to show his face so that people feel like they are the Master Chief. I would rather not see his face though, keeps the mystery and the character intact.

zebramocha1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

@mun is master chief more like robo-cop or terminator?

crxss1753d ago

originally, bungie didn't want to show his face since they wanted players to imagine themselves as master chief aka the man of few words. But now that he'll be speaking more in halo 4 I can only assume they'll show his face by halo 6

Christopher1753d ago

While he has been written to be white and male, I believe they keep it out of the games to continue and give people that option (and, honestly, most people don't read the novels) to see him however they want. It allows them to sell it to a wider audience rather than have him come off as the typical "soldier" look we hear about so often in many video games (GoW, KillZone, CoD, etc.).

Sitdown1753d ago

Not showing his face allows fans to fantasize about how he looks to them; remember how mad people were when they watched Hunger Games and saw the little girl was black, despite the book clearly portraying her as black.

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Summons751753d ago

They shouldn't! Stick with Bungies idea of not showing his face to give the player a sense of mystery and a sense that the player is master chief. Plus is there more than enough detail about his face in the books, you can't read/ don't want to read that's your problem not 343's

Vladplaya1753d ago ShowReplies(2)
Hozi1753d ago

Don't show it!!! He's badass just the way he is! I won't feel the same about Chief if you show his face.

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The story is too old to be commented.