New Super Mario Bros U - 9 reasons we're excited to return to the Mushroom Kingdom

GamesRadar - Any new Mario game is cause for gamers to take notice, especially one that's poised to showcase Nintendo's newest home console. See why we can't wait to test the Wii U out with New Super Mario Bros U.

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RmanX10001665d ago

What is this? 2nd time we've been there just this year alone? Yeah ok. I wanna go to the Lylat System. Or how about DAT MUTE CITY?! HEH?!

Yodagamer1665d ago

At least from what i've seen this game looks far more fun than the 3ds version.

jambola1665d ago

3ds version was quite boring

RmanX10001665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Looks the same but with more player options. REVOLUTIONARY. Also less coins.