Painting on wall of Modern Warfare 2 toilet upsets Muslims

"Activision's developers have aggravated the Muslim community by hanging a painting above a toilet in Modern Warfare 2.

The painting has holy teachings written around its frame. "Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty," the text is reported to have read.

Apparently the presence of holy teachings in a place of number-ones and twos does not sit well with Islam. So Activision has pulled the Favela map out of rotation and will return it when edits have been made."

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Mr-Dude1775d ago

Nothing new, they are always upset about something...

Now they are upset about a game, wich is like nearly 3 years old and a little picture WHO nobody looks at...

Talk about nitpicking...

MEsh3L1775d ago

Muslims do get upset about these kind of things that hurt their religion, if you don't care about it then that's your problem !

I'm proud to be one of them :)

Yi-Long1775d ago

... the vast majority just shrugs their shoulders.

MacDonagh1775d ago

That's nice MEsh3L. You seem to be in favour of this editing out of a picture frame that nobody has spotted for 3 years because it offends your religion? If so, why is it okay to shoot people? Isn't it a bad idea to support a franchise that is borderline jingoistic?

bubblebeam1775d ago


You can leave your beliefs to yourself. I'm not going to start bad mouthing youre religion, that is YOUR own personal choice, but this is too far.

The way I see it, is this game was made in a non-muslim country, so its YOUR PROBLEM.

I am not religious by the way. How would everyone like it if you got fined for using the Christians name in vain? Or for making a joke about Jewish people?

Again, not religious, not trying to single you out, but to me it seems Muslims are too sensitive. Very pushy. Imagine if Christians, Buddhists, Jewish people started riots and killed INNOCENT PEOPLE over small things. I know this is on a smaller scale, but this in violation of freedom of speech and expression.

Don't like it? Too bad.

Hellsvacancy1775d ago

Muslims a picture frame

Wow, thats incredible, its ok to simulate killing, but no ok to put a picture in the bathroom

"Why so sensitive?"

FunAndGun1775d ago

How does it hurt their religion?

If you are strong in your religion, it shouldn't matter what anyone around you thinks about it or says about it.

What a tragic life to always be on the edge of throwing a temper tantrum because someone offends something you believe in; how exhausting.

bloodybutcher1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

so it upsets your religion by having positive things written on the frame?ok,ok...
@ bubblebeam: sooo,do you think Christians never killed innocent people over sth small,eh?:)

mewhy321775d ago

Wow. I think that this "offended" muslim thing is getting waaaaaaaaaay out of hand. If you're offended by a game then......don't buy it..Wow there's a novel idea. Boycott it. Don't kill people and blow shit up!!! We don't live in the 3rd century anymore this kind of behavior is not acceptable the world over. If They want people to come to their religion then I can safely say that they're turning the entire non-muslim world population against them. Tolerance, peace,love, what happened to those teachings??????????????????

nix1775d ago

man.. i hate these extremist... you'll find them in every religion. hindu, muslim, christian. haven't heard of buddhist extremists yet...

NewMonday1775d ago

why would a developer go thru the pain of digitally draw religious text hide it in a frame and then put it in a toilet

who puts a framed painting in a toilet anyway


it's not gaming but episodes of the Anime Harlock had to be redrawn because the bad guys had a symbol resembling the star of David

anyone gets upset if something they care about is offended, and others don't care because it doesn't matter to them, unless they value the idea of mutual respect

Septic1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )


Of course Muslims have a right to feel upset. Who you are to suggest that they shouldn't be? Sad to see your silly blanket statement getting 31 agrees.

" a little picture WHO nobody looks at..."

Obviously someone looked at the pic, hence the complaint. And its a complaint that has been brought to IW's attention.

Incidentally, the Witcher 2 also had an Islamic painting, in a brothel..... kind of makes you wonder. The developers did release an update as soon as this was brought to their attention.

Respect to IW for working on this.

Funnily enough, my mates and I were playing MW2 yesterday and were wondering why Favela wasn't coming up.


Who says they are extremists? Muslims complained because they have every right to do so. Also, you have never heard of extremist Buddhists? Maybe you should draw your attention to the spate of Muslim killings amounting to genocide in Burma that have been occurring as recently as two months ago.

This shouldn't have happened in the first place but at least IW are working on it.

Razmossis1775d ago

"Peace out" ?

Ironic, lol

MikeMyers1775d ago

The painting has holy teachings written around its frame. "Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty,"

How is that offensive?

I'm sure if there was a stack of Playboy magazines by the toilet someone would complain about that too.

omi25p1775d ago

A picture tells a thousand words.

doogiebear1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

@ Mesh3l:

The West should withdraw every facet of it's civilized world, away from the muslims. In fact, Democracy is considered evil according to Islam, because it is not compliant with Sharia Law (The law of the Koran which considers all other forms of government as "man-made", which is forbiden by muslims). We (Westerners) should no longer allow our citizens to create businesses there, block all of our websites from running in the mid east, ban the export of any and all of our products and art forms (books, films, games, etc), and no longer rely on your oil. Those strong sanctions alone will have the entire middle east in a frenzy. Want to live in the dark ages? By all means! The West cant offend your people if your people have no means of interraction with our country, art forms, or media (even online). Yes, make your own N4G websites too. Make your own videogames. Enjoy. Israel had recently discovered that it had enough Shale Oil in the West Bank to make even Saudie Arabia's supply look like a kiddie pool. So when the West decides to turn off the lights of the Middle Eastern Muslim community, THEN you will wish things were as the way they were before. Even now, there is mass rioting in Iran because of the sanctions we imposed there. In just the last 2 weeks, the price of food rose so astronomically that people cant afford milk and chicken in Iran. The Iranian banks are in a frenzy, and the Iranian currency inthat 2 weeks fell to a great low. But you muslims should celebrate!! This is what you wanted right? Now you can all live in a world of your own totalitarian rules, where no westerner can ever upset you again or your dead "prophet". Enjoy the sanctions.

anticooper1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

how can a picture in a game hurt your religion, thats just crazy talk imo. Peace:-)

Septic:you upset me, can you please erase your n4g profil?

KMCROC1775d ago Show
guitarded771775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Insulted Muslims insult my belief in free speech and artistic expression, yet I don't cry about it.

gta28001775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

"Muslims do get upset about these kind of things that hurt their religion"

Oh is that a fact? Then why don't they get angry with all all those Muslim extremists who strap bombs to them selves and kill innocent people in the name of Islam? I never see any any type of protests or outrage when that happens. But the second someone makes a joke about Mohammed or Allah they want someones blood. The extremists is who they should be angry with. It's those people who make Islam look bad.

Septic1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )


What a load of complete nonsense you've typed out. I hope that all your agrees are from multiple accounts as opposed to the sentiment on here because if it is the latter, then it is a sad reflection on the community that comprises n4g.

Democracy is considered evil because of non-compliance with Islam? Where do you get this nonsense? Do you know that Islamic Law MANDATES Muslims to follow the rule of law in non-muslim countries (unless there is a gross breach which prevents you from practicing Islam).

You then cite so-called Israeli oil reserves as a sign of hope? What a laughable statement even if it is true. You think Israel, a state that constantly flouts UN law and breaches human rights heart will be a great partner? Complete nonsense.

You make uneducated assumptions about Muslims and then purport to make it seem as if Muslims are preventing freedom of speech? Hold on a minute; you used Israel in a positive light- what about the fact that merely expressing Holocaust denial is a criminal act in Israel? What about several European countries that prevent it on the grounds of anti-semitism? But oh no, if Muslims dare protest, freedom of speech trumps their hurt feelings right? Complete hypocrisy and double standards. (I don't deny the events of the Holocaust before another bigot on here tries to make that point).

What has landed the biggest trouble? The Banking System. For those people of understanding and knowledge, they will know where the true origins of the system lie and how stupid your statements are. Look for former President Andrew Jackson's famous statement on the matter to understand.


"Oh is that a fact? Then why don't they get angry with all all those Muslim extremists who strap bombs to them selves and kill innocent people in the name of Islam? "

Are you stupid? Who have died more as a result of terrorist attacks and suicide bombings? Muslims or Non-Muslims? Answer that question. These terrorists are even attacking Muslims praying in mosques.

There are 1.5 BILLION Muslims in the world. Where has there been a protest against terrorism in general? There hasn't because terrorism is so clearly abhorrent and wrong. The vast majority of Muslims are law abiding citizens. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a bigot and an un-educated fool. But have you even bothered to try and research Muslim sentiments or are you content with swallowing whatever nonsense Fox News feed you? There have been a MULTITUDE of lectures and debates held against terrorism and the like. What is the biggest Islamic channel called? Peace TV.

Its sad to see what kind of moronic sentiments are being posted on here and agreed with. Ironically, it goes to show these people's lack of tolerance and understanding.

PurpHerbison1775d ago

This is why religion is counter productive.

Awesome_Gamer1775d ago

I'm a practising muslim, and i don't care to be honest, it's just a video game..

lastdual1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )


I agree that the majority of Muslims are not extremists, but the moderates could definitely do a better job of putting the radical elements in their place.

Radical Christian groups such as the Westboro Baptist Church get routinely ridiculed and marginalized by mainstream Christians. If moderate Muslims want to be taken seriously, they need to do the same.

Moreover, Islamic nations need to embrace freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of the press. Any modern nation still having laws against blasphemy and apostacy is just plain absurd.

TopDudeMan1775d ago

I don't get it, how is that offensive? Maybe the fictional man who fictionally owns that house likes to fictionally sit on the toilet and fictionally reflect on the teachings of his faith.

Is that not his right to hang up a religious painting in his own bathroom?

Ares84HU1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Some people are so ignorant......

DragonKnight1775d ago

Has any of you who are "pro-complaints" ever considered the possibility that there are people out there who purposely go out of their way to look for stuff to complain about so that they can feel powerful when it gets removed due to racial, sexual, or religious insensitivity? I would bet REAL money that the person who found this is one of those people. Who honestly can get upset over stuff like this and call themselves a human? Seriously. You have nothing better to complain about than blurred writing in a video game that's 3 years old? Writing that it took you a concerted effort to actually find? Really? *sigh*

Thatlalala1775d ago

The fact remains you can buy a Jesus bobblehead, a bong in the shape of Buddha, and nobody that follows those religions freak out. Then you expect the world to stop and change because of your religious beliefs? Get over it.

Christopher1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

***Muslims do get upset about these kind of things that hurt their religion***

While I understand being upset at how others may show disrespect for what you hold dear, their doing as such does not hurt one's religion.

American flags are burned every day by people who protest against soldiers and they feel pain over it as it is a symbol for the country they fight to defend as best as they can, but the mass majority of them know that burning one flag doesn't change who they are, what they do, or why they do it (it actually empowers them).

Bibles and crosses are burned all the time, and is very often portrayed in movies, but that doesn't change one's faith or believe in God (or the Holy Trinity).

The problem with some people is that they believe that everyone should follow their religious tenets and that if anyone doesn't that they are personally ridiculing them, their religion, and that it somehow changes their belief. It's not so. That's akin to saying that if someone eats your birthday cake, you don't get to grow up.

Edit: I would like to note that I did chuckle when the person in the video said that "millions of people" were offended by this. I find that extremely hard to believe. It's the same hyperbole that religious fanatics use to try and turn an ant hill into a mountain. I support his claim that it is disrespectful, I support his right to demand an apology, and his right to make the video. I also support Activision's right to not have to respond to it or apologize for it.

LAZL0-Panaflex1775d ago are the man! Bubbles +

knowyourstuff1775d ago

I've seen the painting, there's no writing on it, it's all pixellated.

Besides, if a painting on a wall offends you, you've got some serious mental issues. As previously stated most sane muslims couldn't care less.

Dee_911775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

how about u not play the game .. your religious you shouldnt be playing this game anyway.
eh what ever
as long as they are bringing it back I thought it was gone for good.

It is weird that IW put that in there tho...

TENTONGUN1775d ago Show
MEsh3L1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

thank you for your kind replies guys ... but you are missing the point ...!
the holy teachings are written in a bathroom that's all i'm talking about.

you want to tell me it's not meant to be like that ? com'n, islam is always targeted in every way possible .even in a game !!

I'm not perfect and no one is , we can get upset about it and send a message to IW to fix it , this is democracy :)

Read Read Read about islam " the real islam " don't just insult Muslims like that .

are you following Jesus and Moses teachings ? then you are one step closer to islam .

thank you again

mt1775d ago

be proud MEsh3L that is how Muslims be, always protect your religion.
others religion don't care about their religion if you ask me some people just under a religion by a name only and they know noting about that religion.

360ICE1775d ago