US Virtual Console 11th February - Harvest Moon & Lords of Thunder

VC Reviews writes: "North America is playing catch-up with Europe for a change this week as Harvest Moon and Lords of Thunder hit the Wii Shop. Don't get too excited and rush to your Wii just yet though, we are being a bit naughty in breaking the news two days early! You'll have to wait until Monday to download these beauties!

OK so the old days of getting 3-4 new games a week on the VC seem to be a distant memory, but its hard to complain when both games are as good as this. So much so in fact that your pals at VC Reviews awarded them both a mighty 5/5!"

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Shaka2K63593d ago

Thats the only thing stupid wii is good at.
lmao paying for overpriced roms.

lmao stupid nintendo fanboys buying new consoles to play 80s games lmao.

l Drop Dead Ed l3593d ago

I rather enjoy the games I have for the Wii and I bet you enjoy the games you have for w.e system you possess. Thanks for informing the gaming world with such knowledge and wisdom. Obviously you can't be fooled. Too bad for me I purchased a Wii. Now I'm forced to buy these fantastic overpriced games...hogwash...

superman3593d ago

Shaka 2k6 you are a very pathetic person.