Ubisoft Confirms Rayman Legends Delay

Ubisoft have now confirmed that Rayman Legends will not be making its November 30th release date. When will we see the limbless hero's Wii U adventure?

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fourtwenty20091896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

Weak. You'd think a company as big as Ubisoft would have it's shit together enough not to let a launch title slip, even within a so called half year "launch window".

Whatever happened to getting the work done right AND on time?

One less exclusive title to showcase the features Wii U over the holiday season? Not good.

mi_titan271896d ago

im ok with this, with the ammt. of money being spent already this holiday season, this is a good thing

ElectricKaibutsu1896d ago

I agree. It's also not THAT long a wait. I think it was Miyamoto who said something along the lines of once a game is released no one remembers how long the wait was, just how good the game is.

WiiUalpha1896d ago

Duke Nukem is the only exception I can think of to that, but only because it took a lot longer than any other game ever created

ElectricKaibutsu1896d ago

Haha, yeah, I thought about Duke Nukem when I wrote that. Maybe it only applies to games that end up being worth the wait.

forestfrog1896d ago

Maybe it only applies to games made by miyamoto!

from the beach1896d ago

It's like they were playing an ill-advised game of chicken against the New Super Mario Bros. U freighter before swerving at the last minute.

Happy enough to get Rayman Legends at the start of next year as that was more or less my plan anyway!

DivineAssault 1896d ago

That sux.. One of the only good games to look forward to on the system too.. Oh well, better late & great than quick n sh*t