New Counter-Strike Online trailer

NEXON unveiled the promotional video of its FPS game Counter-Strike Online.

Counter-Strike Online is a remake of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero targeted at the Asian games markets. It is being developed by Nexon Corporation with oversight from license-holder Valve Corporation. Unlike other Valve games, this version of Counter-Strike does not require Steam.


The HD version of the trailer can be downloaded from the official Korean site of the game. See the first entry at the Alternative Sources for the direct link.

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M337ING3782d ago

That was pretty cool. Anyone know the gameplay additions/changes in this?

MK_Red3782d ago

Awesome find and trailer.
Also, thanks for this info link :)

gamerriffic3781d ago

its nice to see that another remake is coming.
but it being a remake, i don't know if there will be much changes, other than graphics. the trailer hints at explosives objects on the map (de_dust2 is looking nice in CG), and taking cover, and obviously new weapons.. but it shouldn't be a remake, it should be a complete sequel IF they plan to change gameplay a lot.

so i'm not expecting something to take down COD4, just looking to see the perfected online experience remade again for today's technology.

trailer was pretty sweet, i dint understand why the guy had to keep assembling his gun over and over again tho. and Japanese commercials are funny.

JsonHenry3781d ago

Meh. If it is not the Source version then I don't care about it.

Erethond3781d ago

What does this have to do with Japanese commercials?

Let's hope this isn't another condition zero.

Kulupoo3781d ago

Wonder how they get the license from valve
btw come on man.... thats Korean... not japanese

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solar3782d ago

that actually was a pretty cool trailer.

TwissT3782d ago

CS is one awesome game this will be a hit just like its other predecessors.

TheIneffableBob3782d ago

Pretty freakin' awesome seeing de_dust2 rendered in CG like that.

rofldings3782d ago

CS is the sh!t, I have spent many sleepless nights playing since 1.6 :)

But seriously, condition zero sucks ass.

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The story is too old to be commented.