Instant Game Collection is Exactly What the PS Vita Needs

The PS Vita has been selling as expected according to Sony, but it hasn't been selling that well in general. With the holiday season just around the corner, the introduction of PlayStation Plus and the Instant Game Collection is exactly what the portable console needs to boost sales.

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Tzuno2085d ago

Said the man in the mirror. dreaming???

Protagonist2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

Not a bad Idea!

A realistic "Instant Game Collection" for the PSVITA would be.

Full Games:

1. Gravity Rush

2. Everybody's Golf

3. WipEout 2048

Mini Games:

1. Frobisher Says

2. Little Deviants.

3. Super Stardust Delta.

4. Tales From Space: Mustant Blops Attack

5. Escape Plan

ShutUpDonny2085d ago

I don't think Gravity Rush is a realistic idea. It just came out. It most likely be "older" games like Rayman or Uncharted.

Protagonist2085d ago

Most PSVITA games just came out and I would Imagine a great titel like Gravity Rush would be necessary compared to Rayman or Uncharted which probably still sells better in EU and NA and would probably not be included in a an Instant collection right away.

This is all just guessing anyway!

SAE2085d ago

How about ninja gaiden :)

NovusTerminus2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

I think Uncharted or Shinobido 2 are very likely to be on the free list. Mostly because Sony owns one of the IP's and Shinobido 2 did not sell well, and this could help it find a crowd.

That said, I would like to see more people get Gravity Rush! It was an awesome game.

sashimi2085d ago

You're so funny, it'll most likely be psp games, psOne games, and minis. It is way to early for VITA games to arrive as IGC. People seem to really don't wanna pay for vita games lol. The Vita needs sales ppl, not more PSN subs, how the hell are we going to get more support from 3rd party when all you're hoping for is getting games for free via psn plus.

zgoldenlionz2085d ago

I'd guess the ps vita games will be less successful games like mod nation and little deviants pretty much anything that's 20 bucks retail ATM. My favorite game so far like. It's people is gravity rush and it's almost a nobrainer for any new vita owner so it's hard to imagine giving away a game people will already be planning on picking up.

Also Frobisher is already free to play with a really cheap expansion so I'd rather. Buy that myself and get something better as an option not to say Frobisher isn't great cause I love that game and it still gets fairly regular play out of me.

To address some comment below a download is the same as a sale so as a statistic to mention at press conferences and to get other developers on board it will only help to be able to say a game like modnation road trip which is considered a commercial failure now has over 2 million downloads (regardless of how it happens) will only help the vita gain momentum.

Lastly everyone that doesn't have a vita is asking for more value with there initial purchase and a instant gaming collection will definitely help that perceived value and probably will up sell people into buying a bigger memory card because god knows my 8gb card is not cutting it and IGC will only make it worse.

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abzdine2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

i think they'll start with the PSN only games and there are already some PSP games for free with PS+. I don't think it's a bad idea to start with it will leave them the time to reduce the memory cards prices.

bub162085d ago

the instant collection wont include any retail games, it will be all PSP, PSN and playstation mobile

ziggurcat2085d ago

link to article with an official statement that proves this?

instant game collection will undoubtedly include a few retail games. go troll somewhere else.

bub162085d ago

look at the amount of vita games, Sony wont be giving them away for free, the games aren't even a year old. what game/s from the PS3 instant collection have come out in the last year except PSN titles and games that have sold basicly 0. open your eyes dude!

GribbleGrunger2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

This WILL come and soon, but don't make the mistake of thinking the instant game collection will be made up of AAA Vita games straight out of the blocks. It will probably be made up of a couple of Vita games, a couple of PSP games, three or four PS1 games and maybe a PSMobile game or two. But considering that I'll be getting this with PS3 content too, I'll be more than happy with that. Hell, I'd be happy even if it was only a game or two a month to be honest

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