Gung-Ho GI Joe Syndrome

David Hilton writes: "The cliche of the Gung Ho American Super Soldier pervades shooter games and to a non-American this can seem over-the-top, reinforcing the view that games made for a predominantly American market must show Americans as militaristic super-confident heroes.

From Gears of War, to Call of Duty, Ghost Recon, or Halo (though Master Chief shows unnatural restraint compared with the soldiers around him), these 'Team America' types abound.

If this is sounding anti-American to some of the more sensitive U.S. patriotic gamers out there, I apologise in advance. I do understand that the U.S. tried isolationism and after being dragged into two world wars decided that it might be better to better control its destiny. This isn't about U.S. war policy. It's about having to have these stock and uninteresting characters constantly form the basis of the 'good guys' in shooters..."

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gaminoz3691d ago

Too Right. Too many "we have to be tough SOBs and swear our heads off to be cool" characters with necks thicker than tree trunks. Knock off the over the top attitudes already! I loved Starship Troopers for making fun of this stuff.

leeeeed3690d ago

I know what you mean. And why do they all have to be so "American" based? I guess the same goes with Movies and TV. Really frustrating for those of us not willing to die for the American flag...

Games like Bioshock with unwitting hero's are so much easier to relate to.