StarCraft 2 Downgraded?

It doesn't make sense that Blizzard would show off a game with screenshots while the game is on lower settings. Both screenshots are on StarCraft 2's official website, so you would think that they would be set at the highest quality settings.

Has StarCraft 2 been downgraded? Check out the screenshots after the jump.

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Cartesian3D3757d ago

those soldiers have SELF SHADOWING :P

and this is a Low setting quality !!

Im sure in High setting it will be more STUNNing (with higher res textures,Its simply clear that it wont look like that on a Gaming PC) ..

and it will sell 10 million copies in first 2 or 3 month even locked in LOW SETTING!

LJWooly3757d ago

Nonetheless, I would prefer to play the game if it looks like it did on the last set of screenshots. I don't want a downgraded version of the game.

JsonHenry3757d ago

Meh. The game looks fine to me on both screens. And honestly, I really can't tell much of a difference.

ravinash3756d ago

I thinks because the screen from Starcraft 1 has a lot more action happening in it.
If we see what the lasers etc look like in the new one, maybe that will give us more of an indication of the effects Starcraft 2 will have.

Joey Gladstone3756d ago

and can honestly say that the graphics are not impressing at all, but hopefully the gameplay makes up for this lacking feature...
......."The JOEY has Spoken"

Kleptic3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

I'm lost...neither of those look particularly bad to me...they just don't look right...they look like concept art drawings or something...and look nothing like the wave of footage released last year...

I know there were the CGi trailers, but wasn't there also several minutes of some gameplay too?...iirc, that looked like StarCraft 2 should look...these pics just look completely off to me...too cartoony or something...

in either case...not sure what the big deal is...the second pic very well could be on higher settings, or not...this game is not going to be a resource hog...Blizzard confirmed that the a lot of the original StarCraft's appeal was that nearly every single PC could run it, even at didn't require wasn't flashy or was totally focused on the gameplay...considering that this game will probably have the absolute best gameplay of any looks perfectly acceptable...

NightVyper3756d ago

the only difference is that they are on different battle grounds and one has a bunch of explosions and fighting and one does not. the vehicles on both images are the same quality.

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xplosneer3757d ago

Me don't care because it looks insane either way!

orange143757d ago

AoE III looks better, Supreme Commander looks better... it would be nice if SC2 looks better than these older games.

TheSadTruth3757d ago

war3 alpha:

war3 final:

both pics are in low res but you get the picture...

VigorousApathy3757d ago

Wow they completely changed everything, even the style. Although I do like the buildings in the alpha. I hope they do that with Starcraft.

Genki3757d ago

Two completely different scenes that don't have the same units, and one of them doesn't have structures!

I think both of them look good.

Panthers3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

I really hate the art style of this game. Everything looks like a toy. I dont know how else to explain it. Everything looks fat, bubbly, and colorful.

I am still looking forward to this game and will get it day 1. I sure it will have the amazing gameplay of the first one. I just with the art direction was more in line wish C&C3.

edit: the best way to describe it is it looks like WC3 with SC units.

n00dl3s3756d ago

I really can't decide... whether to go with "duuurrr!" or maybe "duhh!" or perhaps a rousing "DOY!".

If you don't like the art, don't play Blizzard games. If you don't though, you'll miss out on some of the greatest games ever crafted.

Starcraft is severely better than C&C anyway. Why do things have to be realistic looking to be fun? I don't play games for reality, I play them to escape from reality.

Clinton5143757d ago

That's a failed assessment based on screenshots.

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