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GameSpot: "Dishonored's engrossing world and intoxicating interplay of supernatural powers make it a game you'll want to play more than once."

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Relientk772052d ago

Amazing score, so glad this game is getting scores like this.

LOGICWINS2052d ago

Hopefully the game will live up to these positive reviews.

Eyeco2052d ago

Honestly this game has been way under the radar for me,I only just heard of it a few days ago, but its great that its getting high scores, I personally love games that come out of nowhere and surprise you with how good they are, i'm definately picking this up.

Locksus2052d ago

This is when I don't like being a European. This game is getting released on Friday but hopefully I'll get it a day or two early as I've got it preordered!

soundslike2052d ago

I'm disappointed in the lack of heat these articles are getting. WTF N4G. You disappoint yet again.

2052d ago