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PS3 Attitude writes, "The Lyon-based Arkane Studios has previously worked on BioShock 2, and its new game, Dishonored, has more than a little in common with that series. From the first-person view to the supernatural powers and stylised visuals, many aspects of Dishonored feel familiar, so have we seen it all before, or does it have enough fresh ideas to stand on its own?"

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KosmoCrisis1927d ago

Really good review! This game is gonna be one of those games overlooked by consumes but a critical success.

wastedcells1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Hope people pick it up. We need more risky new IP's and creativity in the gaming world. With all these great reviews and word of mouth it might do well. It only has a small window though before all the heavy hitters drop. Glad Sony has it up in the psn store for day one digital download. Gives it some advertising.

mafiahajeri1927d ago

If its anything like the experience I had with the first Bioshock ill be buying this.

seanoc1927d ago

The thing I really liked about Dishonored when I tried it was that it gave the player loads of choices. Its visuals weren't especially impressive but I'll take greater options over better visuals.

chazjamie1927d ago

this game is getting perfect scores everywhere. picking this up next month.

Perjoss1927d ago

I wonder who the disagree phantom is, lol