Apple Planning iPhone and iPod Touch Price Cuts?

Pocket-lint writes:

"9to5Mac has received word that Apple is planning on dropping the prices on the iPhone and iPod line within the next month or two - perhaps at the rumoured late-February event.

The price cut is said to be $100 on both the iPod touch and iPhone lines - and the 8GB iPod touch will apparently be dropped from the line-up just as the 4GB version of the iPhone was before it."

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permutated3782d ago

I'm starting to get pissed at apple.

I bought my iPod Touch 16gb in november, then they charged me 20$ for the January upgrade, ridiculous.

Now they want to make the 32gb the same price as I paid for 16gb?

Ugh. I hope they realize how many people they're pissed off.