Wii U has to succeed? Nintendo's next-generation system to raise the bar

There are very high expectations many people have for Nintendo's Wii U, but some folks see the next-generation console as a system that must find success because if not, that will have major implications within the industry.

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SonyNGP2056d ago

I'm pretty sure James Cameron already raised the bar.

LOGICWINS2056d ago

lol that episode was hilarious.

LX-General-Kaos2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

Up to this point, all is looking pretty well for the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system.

Nintendo has gone on to show that they are serious about all aspects of gaming. Securing third party exclusive offerings, re inventing their online setup to compete with the now, and bringing forth a new way to experience gaming as a whole. With the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system tablet like control functions.

Delivering a Unique next generation gaming platform that significantly over powers previous console offerings as far as specs are concerned. While at the same time releasing at a very affordable price point to not break the bank for many wide eyed onlookers and potential buyers. While also sharing connection to the already industry leading hand held device, the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system to convince members of the hand held audience to take a second look. Titles like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate take advantage of the Nintendo connection between hand held and console device.

I predict that the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system will exceed expectations for many through the remainder of this year and beyond. There will be many returning Nintendo AAA exclusive offerings to take advantage of the unique features and graphical capability of the soon to be released platform. Along with many new offerings, for example Nintendo exclusive Wonderful 101, ZombiU, and Bayonetta 2.

As far as raising the bar goes, I believe that Nintendo has already accomplished that task on a battlefield control standpoint. The Nintendo game pad has already opened new doors and "raised the bar" for how gaming will be experienced well into the foreseeable future. The Nintendo game pad just may prove to be the new standard in which games are played next generation. A feature that I expect to see borrowed by competing brands to adopt this new style of play.

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Hide_and_Geek2056d ago

So, how long have you worked for Nintendo?

urwifeminder2056d ago

Its looking great i can really see it doing well congrats nintendo .