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Submitted by SpaceSquirrel 1221d ago | news

SuperBot discuses Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Crash & DLC possibilities

SuperBot Entertainment’s Omar Kendall comments on the possibilities of Crash Bandicoot and other DLC characters joining the cast in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS Vita, PS3)

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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1221d ago
Honestly they should have secured characters like Crash and Spyro before deciding to FINALLY make the game. It's obvious that those 2 characters are going to be the most popular and wanted. I know some people that aren't getting the game at all because Crash isn't in it.

I'm personally still getting the game, but I don't have the same enthusiasm and excitement for Battle Royale that I had when the game was first announced now that all the characters are revealed.

Hopefully the game ends up selling well which would hopefully allow greedy publishers like Activision and Square Enix to allow the use of their beloved characters in either DLC or sequel to Battle Royale.
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spektical  +   1221d ago | Well said
to not get a game because of a couple characters is really silly.

There are many other likeable characters and I know I'm not alone when i say I cant wait for this game to release.
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Parappa  +   1221d ago
It's not silly when it's a game like this. This was supposed to have iconic characters and celebrate the history of Playstation but it has turned into nothing but an advertisement. You won't see characters that people want like Crash, Spyro, Solid Snake, etc. Instead you'll see a bunch of character advertising their upcoming games.

They've been lying about everything else so far so I wouldn't be surprised if the last boss was nothing but a crab. I'm sure there won't be a sequel once this game flops (there are hardly any pre-orders for it as it is and it got so bad that some places started offering $5 of the game for pre-ordering). We definitely won't see this getting a sequel. If anything they need to scrap the entire IP and make a similar IP with new mechanics, a roster people actually like/want, and be sure not to give it to an untalented studio like Superbot.
RyuX19  +   1221d ago
This is a game that is about the characters. There are plenty of fighting games that are similar to this and what differentiates them are the slight differences in gameplay and the characters.
Eyeco  +   1221d ago
the main attraction of these games are the characters the only reason i bought SSBB was to play as Snake, why ? because i'm a huge MGS fan and i wanted to play as my favourite VG character, whats wrong with that ?

I'm sorry to say it but if Crash is in the game he's easily the best known character, and its not because he's gone multiplat, most people associate Crash with playstation thats what he's most famous for, same with Spyro. Sony has never really had another game character as popular as Crash , since the franchise went multiplat
GarandShooter  +   1221d ago
'there are hardly any pre-orders for it as it is and it got so bad that some places started offering $5 of the game for pre-ordering'

Best Buy has been offering $20 in reward certificates for many high profile games, including Borderlands 2, Resident Evil 6, Assassin's Creed 3, Far Cry 3, Halo 4, Dishonored, Madden 13, FIFA, etc. Does that mean these games are 4 times as likely to bomb since their offering 4 times the incentive?

Guess which game doesn't have that offer? That's right PSASBR. I wish it did. I'd jump on that in a heartbeat.
Haha123  +   1220d ago
Well I've still not played MVC3 because Gambit was not in the game...

It makes sense when its like your favourite character
Army_of_Darkness  +   1220d ago
Is this N4G for woman??
Too much complaining, not enough playing.
abc1233  +   1220d ago
@Parappa: It's funny that you're calling this game just a simple advertisement for upcoming games considering your username and profile picture. There are plenty of playstation classics in there, calm down. Activision would be stupid not to offer Crash and Spyro at some point and it's clear from the interview that they're still not finished with character announcements.
knowyourstuff  +   1220d ago
Trying to please everyone is pointless. There will always be some nitwit who wants some character they loved growing up, the list is endless for characters. What about Gabe from Syphon Filter? What about the guy who drives the cars in Gran Turismo? What about the kid from ICO and some of the Collossi from Shadow of the Collossus? What about some of the Resident Evil characters made popular on the PS1 back in the day? You can't please everyone, so this nonsense about "a roster than no one wants" is just a cop out.
Carl_Shocker  +   1221d ago
Didn't Omar tease a while back that we would have to "wait and see" about Crash, basicaly teasing us that he was going to be announced

He kind of lead us on abit...if they wern't going to have Crash then they should of just said.

Wouldn't you create this game only when you know you can get the iconic PS characters which would be a huge selling point to the game


Oh here it is

"Does that mean we can expect Crash to make the base roster of fighters? "Stay tuned," he said, after much prompting."

"Stay Tuned" I said if they didn't have him why didn't they just say that instead of leading people on
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DialgaMarine  +   1221d ago
Look at TGS. We were supposed to get more character reveals then, but got nothing but a trailer showing a couple new levels. Pretty unprofessional and stupid on Superbot's part. They also said to stay tuned for Final Fantasy characters but we didn't get any information on that either. This game is a golden oppurtunity for Sony to finally unite the Playstation brand and market all their icons to a much broader audience, but at this point it seems like we as gamers are going to get pretty gyped on it. Unless they chnged their mind about unlockable characters, it doesn't look like this game's going to have a strong list. Don't get me wrong, I'll definitely be purchasing it either way, as I am a devoted Playstation fan, but the masses simply won't. Why? Because they know that the game is being as nothing more than an afront for companies to market their new characters, with a few minor classics thrown in here and there. It simply won't sell as much as it needs to. Just the truth.

Also, didn't Omar also say they would never put Crash as DLC? So, if there's no unlockable characters and this is the final roster, we can pretty much confirm that Crash will not be in at all. Pretty bad descision if so, but they seem to be all over the place with this game at this point, so who the hell knows?
abc1233  +   1220d ago
They could have still been in discussions with Activision by that point. From the interview, he does suggest that there are more characters yet to be revealed so I doubt this is the final roster.
adorie  +   1221d ago
Disagree. ~F-Spyro. Crash on the other hand is pivotal.
smashcrashbash  +   1221d ago
So they should have just cancelled the whole game because they couldn't get two characters? Gamers do seem to get the concept of schedules and business decisions. Suppose they asked Activision and/or Square for a meeting to talk about the game and they couldn't do it until six months later. So they are supposed to sit on their hands for six months until they get Crash and Spyro? So what about all the other people who are willing to listen to them now? I am supposed to ignore their time and schedules and then tell them when I want to talk to them?

Suppose you finally get Crash and Spyro and then you can't get to talk to the other people who have the other characters? So we delay the game even longer? What about the people who wanted Sir Dan, Drake and Parappa? They are supposed to ignore them just because fanboys think they can't do without Crash? You need to think like a Sony fan and not a Sony fanboy. This is a business they are running to tell them to get Spyro and Crash first or delay a whole game even in it's concept stage is very unreasonable. Are you basically saying they should delay a whole game because you didn't get every one you wanted? I wouldn't mind more characters too but I don't want the whole game nerfed over a few characters.I like the ones they have now and it is very selfish to say the whole game shouldn't exist until you get what you want. What about me or anyone else who still wants to play it? Disagree all you like, but it's the truth.Why do you think Nintendo only stuck with first party and the only third parties they had were Snake and Sonic. Because they knew very well how hard it is to get other characters from everyone. Why didn't they have Mega Man, Simon Belmont, Maximo or Fire Brand?

@ Parappa. You are a very selfish person.Cancel the game because you or anyone else thinks it will flop or no one wants it. And look at the idiots agreeing with you.You are like the people saying cancel Home because you don't use it. And why do you keep saying the characters are advertising their games. What upcoming games are Sir Dan, Fat Princess, Drake, Nariko and Jak advertising for?
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1221d ago
I'm pretty sure SuperBot started work on the game before trying to get third party characters. I'm not saying that they should delay the game. I'm saying ideally they should have made sure to get a handful of popular characters before doing work on the game. Besides even if they had to delay, it's taken this long to finally get a Sony brawler. Waiting a bit longer wouldn't do no harm.

This game would have been better off being released last gen in my opinion. The greediness of publishers wasn't as high as it is now last gen. No DLC nickel and dime-ing and no "you must sell a million within the first week or you're a flop" nonsense. Sony was also better financially last gen. It's evident that publishers only care about how they can advertise their game when it comes to Battle Royale. Iconic 3rd party characters were doomed from the get go for this game thanks to the greedy mentality that started this gen from publishers.
fei-hung  +   1221d ago
Excellent point. People disagreeing or throwing rage tantrums over Crash and Spyro are acting as if they know exactly how games are made and the exact moves Superbot made.

It's the first game of its kind on a Sony console made by Sony. They may not get it all right 1st time around. People like Activision and other IP owners may not play ball with Sony until they see sales and consumer reaction. There is nothing Sony can do about this.

We also don't know the politics at play behind the scenes between Sony and many other studios e.g. Having Raiden but no Snake, having Emo Dante but not original, having 2 Coles but no Sev from KZ. Not having the dude from Yakuza series and I am sure there are more characters I cannot remember of the top of my head.

Crash doesn't make PSASBR, nor does Spyro. It's the collective that makes this game what it is with or without them. Besides, we have no idea if there will be any unlockable and hidden characters in this game!
mt  +   1221d ago
Ill buy the game, and I'll will not buy any DLC Character never did never will for any game, especially for a fighting games aka tekken ... etc
ninjabake  +   1221d ago
People can feel free to disagree but I'm one of those that wont get this game without crash in it. Without their 1st legit mascot the game is more of a PlayStation some-stars than all-stars. Just my opinion.
killerhog  +   1220d ago
Same here, me and my bro grew up with crash (during our playstation days) he has to be in the game and the original not the crappy activision redesign.
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Aceman18  +   1221d ago
if people want crash and spyro sooooo bad, why don't you all fork over the millions of dollars activision would want for them.

you whiners seem to think Sony should just fork over 5-10 million just for these two characters. a company shouldn't be held hostage just for two characters. plus i have a feeling activision wants these two to be dlc.

also if you guys think you could develop this game better why don't you get into the industry so you can influence development. if your not then stop your b*tching because its getting old and tiresome.
ninjabake  +   1221d ago
Chill out its not that deep. People just want their favorite characters in there is all. They have every right to be a bit disappointed with only 20 characters outs of the box (and potentially the only free characters) I'm not saying this wont be a solid game because I'm pretty sure it'll be entertaining but I'm not going to spend $60 on it. However Its noy my job to deter others who do wanna buy it.
princejb134  +   1220d ago
crash or not im buying this game day 1
but in my opinion all this rage over crash and spyro is stupid
because even if they were included in the game people would find another excuse to rage about another character not in it

fans: we want crash
superbot: ok lets give them crash
fans: we want spyro
superbot: ok lets give them spyro
fans: we want cloud
superbot: ok lets give them cloud
the list goes on and on
fans: we want (insert character here)
superbot: ok lets give them that character

the list goes on and on
trouble_bubble  +   1220d ago
Personally I don't give a tossy toss about long dead IPs like Crash and Spyro showing up in All Stars. Not enough interest this gen to warrant their own AAA-ers from their own publishers, let alone being cameos in someone else's game. I'd rather see more contemporary PS exclusive dudes be it a Chimera, Kazuma Kiryu or even one of the kids from Valkyria Chronicles.
ninjabake  +   1220d ago
Interest isn't the problem here. That should be apparent by the multitude of fans wanting them in the game and the outcry about how far they have fallen. There is plenty of interest, it isn't a AAA shooter tho so I guess its not as important right? Idk about you but I'm a gamer and I love playing games that are entertaining if that means it has a AAA budget, so be it but that isn't the sole reason I'm interested in a game. The budget isn't providing me the entertaining content, the quality of the game is.

I respect that you don't care for crash and spyro but the lack of a "AAA" game this Gen (excluding skylanders) rather than knocking them for poorly made games is a poor excuse if you call yourself a "gamer" sounds more like a marketer to me.

Ps-this isn't personal I'm just providing my 2 cents on your comment so no need to attack me. Thanks & have a great day
majiebeast  +   1221d ago
I bet activision wants Crash as DLC so they can get some money from that they dont care about fans just the money otherwise diablo 3 wouldve actually been a game instead of a auction house.
prototypeknuckles  +   1221d ago
ive accepted that crash will no longer be in the game, and could be dlc, but why dont superbot just come out and say, No crash is not in right now.
ceballos77mx  +   1221d ago
Maybe they're trolling us, he is after all the most requested or popular character and announce him before the release.
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admiralvic  +   1221d ago
I wonder how long till the delusional fans are going to claim this is a ploy to hype Crash being announced...
lociefer  +   1221d ago
in all honesty i dropped from 100% excited to 40% after they said this was the full rooster
BitbyDeath  +   1220d ago
I was hoping for at least 30 characters.
20 does seem a bit lean for this sort of game imo
Tonester925  +   1221d ago
Like Omar said "It takes two to Tango" He wants a lot of characters in the game that couldn't make the launch, but the other companies are holding out. This has nothing to do with SuperBot.

Just like the DMC Dante, Ninja Theory wanted them to use that one and for Bioshock they told them to make the new stages for Bioshock Infinite. Nothing to do with the choices of SuperBot
ceballos77mx  +   1221d ago
I'm not fully convinced of the roster, would have loved Crash on it, but ill still get it on day 1 hopefully as DLC and would love to have vivi from FF IX.
kingmushroom  +   1221d ago
I'm not complaining i know there will be DlC support and we will get more characters. some people need to relax.
r21  +   1221d ago
I get a feeling there's gonna be hidden characters and stages to unlock in this game. Also, the big boss of the game will be a T-rex.
LKHGFDSA  +   1220d ago
There are no hidden characters to unlock, it's already been confirmed.
Kenjifirera  +   1221d ago
I have a feeling they may add more characters in a sequel rather than have main characters like crash in dlc. They may add characters from the already added series of the characters in psabr. the way Super Smash bros. added more characters in Super Smash Bros Melee and then onto Brawl. It's just a matter of time and licensing. Unless the respective publishers of crash, spyro, and final fantasy decide to be selfish and not strike a deal with Sony and superbot. That's the route I think they will take.
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Saturne3  +   1221d ago
For now they will play along with the DLC thing...
#10.1 (Edited 1221d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Saturne3  +   1221d ago
So its confirmed...
Crash Bandicoot DLC...
Godchild1020  +   1221d ago
I've been a Sony fan ever since the PS1 and I grew up with Crash and Spyro. And ever since the PS1 revision to the smaller white one, I've always wanted a Mash up fighter with Sony characters. I'm not going to let the fact that Crash and Spyro not being in the game turn me off from buying this.

Its the fact that I can use a few characters I grew up with and some of the characters I know now to fight with. I'm sure the fact that Crash and Spyro not being in the game might hurt sales, but as a fan of the characters, you should know it won't be easy to get them in this game since Sony doesn't own those IPs.

You should be blaming the IP holders for being greedy and not wanting to support Sony and this game. Also you can't blame Omar, he probably thought they would have received the okay to use the IP and maybe the cost to use the IP was above the cost they wanted to pay or the IP holders just didnt want the IP in PSASBR.
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Kingdom Come  +   1220d ago
Blame the IP holders? It wouldn't be good business to allow another company access to your character for free. Face the facts, this game shouldn't have started development until all pivotal characters had been given the green light. This game is supposed to be a celebration of the Playstation brand and a tribute to the iconic characters of it's history, instead, we have a redesigned Dante (Marketing purposes), a Big Daddy, Unnecessarily TWO Cole MacGraths (One could have been an extra skin), and Raiden (Marketing Purposes). This is developing into "Third-Party Marketing: The Fighting Game". So disappointing.
omarzy  +   1221d ago
It will be hard to get more characters for DLC or even a sequel. I mean, how many characters actually belong to SONY and are not just 3rd part exclusives? Anyone else find it strange that Nintendo was able to secure Snake for brawl, but they cannot get Snake for a Playstation game? Why have we not haerd anything about characters from square? Square has had games for SONY for a very long time, all exclusives. DO these publishers just not have faith in the game?
brew  +   1221d ago
They still have quite a few from 1st party to dip into if they want to or need to -

Gabe Logan
Chimera - Joe Capelli - Nathan Hale
Jen Tate
Rau Utu
Arc The Lad
Jeanne d'arc
Dart - Rose
Rudy Roughnight
Jaster Rogue
Emmett Graves

Probably some future ones from upcoming IP's -

Joel+Ellie - (The Last of Us)
Jodie+Aiden - (Beyond Two Souls)
Katuro - (Puppeteer)
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Carl_Shocker  +   1221d ago
Wouldnt it of made more sense to use more first party characters over Raiden, New Dante and Big Daddy for example.....i would of rather had old first party characters so they could revive some of them through this game.
SmilyTheSyko  +   1221d ago
maybe nintendo bought exclusive rights for snake from a fighting game. or maybe snake or crash will be the final boss!
GarandShooter  +   1221d ago
'Anyone else find it strange that Nintendo was able to secure Snake for brawl, but they cannot get Snake for a Playstation game?'

No, not at all. Don't you think when Nintendo made their deal with Konami they would try to secure exclusive rights for the character to appear in a brawler, or at least timed exclusivity?

'DO these publishers just not have faith in the game?'

Maybe, but I doubt it. Do these publishers feel the inclusion of their character is worth more than Sony is willing to pay? Do they want some outrageous royalty guarantee that Sony isn't willing to risk?

The difficulty in getting characters for DLC and a sequel likely only comes down to how this game does at retail. Want to help the chances? Buy the game.
Darth Stewie  +   1221d ago
To hell with Activision for not allowing Crash and Spyro and to hell with Square Enix for not allowing a Lara Croft and a FF/KH character.
They just showed they don't care about their fans.
I wish Sony included a little more first party characters like Dart, Kat, and, Jennifer Tate.
Sony needs more villains and female characters in this game.
I also wish Sony asked Sega for Kazama and Ubi for either Rayman or an Assassin.

Does anybody know if Sackboy is like Kuma in which Sackboy is also Sackgirl like Kuma/Panda?

Here is the video with Omar talking about Crash.

Related video
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LiquidSword93  +   1221d ago
The reason I wont get this game is because of shit like this. No crash or spyro straight off the bat? Get bent.
Soldierone  +   1221d ago
Thanks a lot Activision, ruining a game I I won't buy it, and I won't buy one of your games either. There goes my want for Skylanders among other games with their logo on it.
SmilyTheSyko  +   1221d ago
first of all why doesnt everyone chill the F out. If 1 or 2 or 50 characters dont come out is that the end of the world NO! This game already has 20 characters most of which in fact are PLAYSTATION ALL STARS. Kratos is fan favorite, drake is also, cole, the list goes on. I personally think they're will be characters. i mean come on think about it imagine playing and out of nowhere *unlocked......* you would be happy, if they would have said we are going to have unlockable characters that would not make you surprised you would be playing the game just to unlock that other character not enjoying. I think CrASH will be in the game, if he is not i will still be happy im not gettting the game for one character im getting it because it looks fun, so should you all. I have played the beta and it is amazing addicting fun. If all you people are hoping for a 50+roster on PSASBR, what would you all say when there's no DLC. Everyone would cry about that where are the new characters blah blah blah, come on guys were better than this, understand, some companies are worried that its not going to sell well that is why they are not letting them get characters. If the game sells alot on the first month this will make companies either give characters or BEG to have characters in PSASBR part 2. If it also sells alot this would also make other companies join the cross buy plan free PSVITA games guys thats awesome!

I for one am saying this "Thank you sony for the wonderful memories you have and are still providing, playstation all stars is a beautiful masterpiece and thats just with the beta im playing. I am apologizing for all the people flaming on this game complaining about the characters missing or the supers or whatever. I love the super moves and the characters in the game all of them are truly allstars. I hope that this game sells alot and that people buy it not just complain about everything its not were finally getting the perfect game for the playstations. I for one am buying 2 copies of this game for my support every dlc free or paid i will get ( i hope u have dlc characters and stages) much love and respect."

***and no im not a fanboy i have all 3 consoles and love all types of games.
ai_nui  +   1221d ago
well said oni-chan someone is here is really a true gamer ^_^
yeah0kchief   1221d ago | Spam
mafiahajeri  +   1221d ago
Crash would be my character.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1221d ago
Well, there's always the sequel to look forward to.
NyGiants7  +   1221d ago
Can't believe people are saying it's not a big deal that Crash and Spyro aren't in the game. There two of the most popular PS characters. It's like having SSBM without Link or Donkey Kong. Not even a FF character or Lara Croft? From gameplay to the roster this game is completely average at best.
Soldierone  +   1221d ago
Then people would go "but but but, We have Mario in the game so its all fine!" *roll eyes*
admiralvic  +   1220d ago
It's really not, which some people need to understand. Sure I am disappointed by the lack of inclusion, but the games quality has certainly dropped from the PS1 days. Just because they were iconic like 10 years ago, doesn't mean it's a HUGE deal they're not included. Also lets be fair here, Crash and Spyro are not in the same league as Link or Donkey Kong either. They're closer to Ness, who many people won't care if hes included, but hardcore fans love that they remember Mother existed.
trouble_bubble  +   1220d ago
Is it not possible that the rights holders to Crash and Spyro are playing hardball and perhaps over-inflating the stock of their IP? If so, they need a reality check considering their legacy are now games like this and this gem

Link still does well in the gameplay department and contributes the odd 3 million and 90%+ avg to Nintendo's stock, but the last few Spyro games haven't done anything for anybody, fans included. A plethora of bad games diminished their legacy. Guys like Gabe Logan and Sir Dan at least went out on top. Spyro and Crash are PS Plus freebies at best.

Lotsa charachters I'd like to see, but you gotta start somewhere. Maybe if the game represents the charachters it has right now decently enough, other publishers will loosen up more IP for a sequel.
#21.3 (Edited 1220d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
iHeartHelloKitty  +   1221d ago
Why are people crying he will more than likely be DLC oooorrrr wait few more months realease date and get 2 or 3 more characters.
kingPoS  +   1220d ago
Am I the only one who believes the Crash from that pic looks ugly.
I hope to G** that Crashes art design dosen't come from activision themselves.

Seems like Superbot is picking the obvious characters to me.
Comon! Sony has a huge vault of 1st party characters including Jumping flash, Siphon filter & more.
thedizzle23  +   1220d ago
nothing like the old crash bandicoot games on ps1....ABSOLUTE CLASSICS!!
AngelicaFernandez22   1220d ago | Spam
LKHGFDSA  +   1220d ago
this is bullshit, I assumed they could just pay them off for the rights to Crash, why don't they? They don't give a reason.
admiralvic  +   1220d ago
Cause it's a business and it's unprofessional to say stuff like that. I mean, who would buy a game from a company that is like "Hey, we could get Crash, but he costs too much to justify, so hes not included." In this situation it makes Activision look greedy (it's different when companies say it) and it shows Superbot lacks faith or someone lacks faith in the game to not invest the money. In the end, people need to stop assuming it's so simple. People requested Phoenix Wright for YEARS from Capcom and they opted out over having no clue how he would fight. Over time they figured it out, but he will still rejected over having no clue how he would fight. The same might apply to Spyro / Crash, so they're trying to figure out how to make it work or opted out for now. Regardless, people need to move past these absolutes.

They're not there? So What.
They're there? Congrats, enjoy them.
They can't make them work? At least they're not shells or worthless characters.
iHeartHelloKitty  +   1219d ago
Activision is a butt puppet with Micro$oft. *COD*

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