Need for Speed: Most Wanted on Vita Looks Promising

From "It looks like we finally have our first footage of Need for Speed: Most Wanted on the Vita! While this version of Criterion's take on the Need for Speed franchise has been quite illusive, that hasn't stopped them from displaying confidence in their ability to port the console version to the Vita..."

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HebrewHammer1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

At least they don't cut corners like the Lego Batman 2 devs.

That's all that matters in my book.

guitarded771932d ago

I wish this had cross buy... I want it for both PS3 and PSV. Fingers crossed for a Black Friday miracle where I can get both for one low price.

HebrewHammer1932d ago

I'm skeptical about third parties participating in cross-buy. I wish, but it looks like I'll be buying it for PS3 and Vita

guitarded771932d ago

Yeah, I don't see much incentive for third parties to follow suit. Sony is doing it to promote their hardware, so they have a good reason for doing it, but third parties don't have as much going for them. I would be far more likely to buy their games at launch if they did the cross buy thing though.

HammadTheBeast1932d ago

Or... cough Black Ops Declassified cough...

Muffins12231932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Black ops Declassified looks like a 3DS game lol......
Games to get for a vita:

PlayStation All-Stars:Battle Royal
Need for speed:Most wanted
Assassin creed:Liberation
Street fighter x tekken
Fifa 13
Little Big Planet
Unit 13
Shinobido 2
Touch my Katamari
Gravity rush

So many good games and if the vita got a price cut it would sell like crazy :)

guitarded771932d ago

What really bothers me about Declassified is they have the nerve to charge $10 more than most other Vita retail games while the visuals don't come close to other Vita games, there is only a mission based single player (I'd like a cohesive campaign at $50) and the online is only 4v4... hell, 6v6 would be the least they should have considered. My Vita shooter money is on Killzone Mercenaries... I prefer Killzone anyway. I will get BlOps 2 though.

wastedcells1931d ago

This is the real deal, vita is so f-ing dope that I laugh at all the haters and doom and gloom articles. By next Xmas vita will have plenty games and if these first games look this good... Wait till next year.

ai_nui1931d ago

your definitely damn right about it oni-chan!!!! i wish those authors of doom and gloom articles are the one who gets doomed ^_^ tee-hee

Nocturne1471932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Almost like a PC version, what a powerful console !

EDIT: You can dislike me how much you want, i just say'd its a powerful console. No trolling, no console hating. (PC user)

lashes2ashes1932d ago

Completely true. While it won't be as powerful as a pc vita is pretty impressive in its own right.

Trenta271932d ago

Only question remains. Is this a cross buy game?

blackbirdi1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

the ground look it have lower resolution in terms of textures and some stuff have less polygons but the shaders looks pretty good

one2thr1932d ago

I think half of the "Lower resolution" look is due to it being filmed off of an oled screen.

blackbirdi1932d ago

maybe maybe not but that's my impression coz the cars models looks great but the other stuff looks dumped down i wish if its identical to the ps3 version so it will get my money

one2thr1932d ago

Me too, and what's up with these phantom disagrees?
Is it really a problem to like a Vita title as well?
Wish there was a feature where disagree-ers (even agree-ers) had to leave a statement as to why they disagree or agree inorder for it to be shown as how many people either agree or disagree...

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The story is too old to be commented.