Next Yellow Dog Linux comes pre-installed with PlayStation 3

Linux is pretty infamous for being user-unfriendly, but it's still well-loved for its inherent flexibility. This is why when the operating system made its way into the PlayStation 3 platform with the Fedora Core 5 and then the free Yellow Dog Linux v5, users were ecstatic.

It looks like Linux will be making more headway into the platform when the latest version of Yellow Dog Linux comes out. According to the Terra Soft website, the next version of Yellow Dog Linux (v6.0) comes pre-installed with the latest batch of PlayStation 3 units.

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permutated3780d ago

Seriously cool.

This is a great day for Linux!

hella whip3780d ago

Isn't this just reffering to the PS3's with Linux pre-installed that you can buy direct from Terrasoft?

Lumbo3780d ago

yes, i also think that is the case, not all regular PS3's with YDL but Terrasoft selling PS3 smartservers with 6.0 preinstalled

cow moolester3780d ago

Is it worth it to install linux on a Ps3 for personal use? I've been thinking about it but can't decide

Korosuke3780d ago

examine & study what you can do by installing Linux on PS3, then you can see whether it is necessary for you or not.

season0073780d ago

but you do have to learn a bit about how to operate is not hard but it takes time

after i install it i got a backup PC, music and movie player and a much better browser with me ...well i say it worths....

and if all PS3 comes pre-installed linux it would be great

ATLRoAcH3780d ago

they said that it voids your warranty. I don't know if this is a fact but thats what they said.

Skerj3780d ago

I think they were a lying, doesn't Sony tell you that you can do this in the manual and why else is there an "other OS" option in the XMB? Besides when you send your PS3 in they make you take the hard drive out anyway.

EZCheez3780d ago

I liked it but I never really felt like it was worth it. I want to uninstall it now but i'm screwed because Rock Band won't let me copy my save data.

Now i'm stuck with an OS that I don't even use anymore and 10GB less space.

If you think about installing it, try copying save data for all of your games because some of the better ones won't let you, and base your decision to try it out on whether or not formatting your hard drive and losing stuff that can't be copied matters to you.

jvsantos3780d ago

It's definitely worth it IMO, just for being able to use Firefox on my TV rather than the lackluster PS3 internet browser.

Installing Linux does NOT void your warranty.

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The story is too old to be commented.