Wii U Edging closer to release - The Nerd Cabinet

What we can expect at the launch of the Wii U.

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Mighty Boom1631d ago

What can we expect? A whole lot of sales.

Disagree me. Now.

SilentNegotiator1630d ago

Okay, but only because I fear you'll never stop looking at me if I don't comply.

(lol goonies)

Tzuno1630d ago

Dude your photo begs for disagree :))))

AO1JMM1631d ago

Key words you'll hear will be "SOLD OUT"

FirstPlaceMan1631d ago

When. Think of the Wii U, I get a boner

Benjamminkno1630d ago

Best thing since Super Nintendo

YoungPlex1630d ago

It's coming! Just paid off my sons deluxe set yesterday, now working on mine. I honestly can't wait...

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