Hacker Hits World of Warcraft and Turns Stormwind Into Carnage

Whoever he was, he must play for the Horde, or maybe he was just a bit miffed over the recent Mists of Pandaria expansion. A hacker recently found a way to make his level one character fly around the city of Stormwind, the Alliance capitol, killing anyone and everyone that got too close to him.

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Muffins12232234d ago

Well....that sucks.Never played world of Warcraft but if i did i would be pissed.

Septic2234d ago

Lol I used to play wow and find this hilarious (probably because I hate the Alliance)

Lmao, respect to that gnome at 6.55!! Brilliant

camel_toad2234d ago

It's probably the most exciting thing to happen to the WOW players in years.

TongkatAli2234d ago

Its just like the episode, LOLOLOL.

Relientk772234d ago

That's exactly what I thought lol

NoFanboyRequired2234d ago

Its just too bad that no one has the sword of 1000 truths! xD

Shotcalm2234d ago

Anyone wanna go grind some boars til' we are lvl 90? :D

DialgaMarine2234d ago

Then how can we destroy that which has no life?!?!?!

blumatt2234d ago

It looks like its the end of the world.....of Warcraft.

Lmao @ South Park. Hahaha

mt2233d ago

I don't watch South Park but I went and watched the episode when you mentioned that. so darn funny.

Robochobo2234d ago

Even with something such as this people can have fun with it, "SPARE US GOD!" Then he dies haha

HammadTheBeast2234d ago

I started laughing at the guy on the horse running into the building for his life.

jon12342234d ago

how can you kill that which has no life!?

JD_Shadow2234d ago ShowReplies(1)
vortis2234d ago

lol @ the guys who got their messages hidden by butthurt mods? LOL

JD_Shadow2234d ago

I know, right! If it's not sharing their view, it gets moderated beyond belief.

But if it does, you can get away with murder from it!

Makes a shit ton of sense, does it?

HardCover2234d ago

With the Slayer of the Lifeless from Naxx.


AzaziL2234d ago

I don't like WoW so much anymore but this blows about as much as some lametard that takes down PSN/Xbox Live or plays counterstrike with aimbot.

HardCover2234d ago

Actually, no, that happened a few weeks ago with people being able to crash servers.

This is more like the old Kazzak kiting, which is more hilarious than anything. You can always go to a different major city or zone in a situation like this, where it's just one guy in one town.

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The story is too old to be commented.