IGN: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Q&A

With Rainbow Six Vegas 2 on the verge of release and the series promising to close with a climatic finale, IGN sat down with game designer Philippe Therien to find out what surprises the game has in store for rookies and Rainbow Six vets alike.

IGN: How big a part of the game is multiplayer in Vegas 2?

Philippe Therien: Multiplayer is as important in Rainbow as single-player. In the past Rainbow was very much led by multiplayer and the single-player was almost non-existent. That's not to say it wasn't good, there just wasn't the same emphasis on it. I think now it's pretty much 50-50, nothing has just been tacked on. Everything is very polished.

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Greysturm3780d ago

3 or more games with interwining storylines

Splinter Cell... Sam Fisher (reinstated after conviction or learned on his own) discovers a plot by a secret society or group and as the investigation continues he is charged with taking down the head of the organizaion

Rainbow six... the rainbow team becomes involved when a certain group (look above) starts a campaign of terror across the world hitting banks and taking embasies as sam gets closer to the target head rainbow is tasked to stop the use of wmds located in the usa.

Ghost recon... the enemy group organizes the takeover of a southamerican nation and once in power starts a campaign to lure the usa armed forces so as to operate inside the usa easier. The ghost after putting down the coup are forced to take the fight back home where they will carve a path through the enemy for rainbow to take care of the wmds.

Firehawk... (if the info i have is legit) the mercenary airforce is contracted to support the ghosts and later in the game help the defense of the usa airspace.

Endwar... (if we can make an rts link) command the remaining forces in a pushback against the group.

Well those are my ideas i hope they steal them and improve upon them.

themyk3780d ago

i thought you could play the storyline with four people. thats a little disappointing that you can only do it with two. it's going to be great with two. but four would have been the ultimate experience.