WWE 13: 10 Snubbed Superstars Who Should’ve Been Included

WC - Of course, WWE 13 is all set to be WWE’s biggest video game release to date, and in quite an interesting move, a lot of the game’s ever-intriguing interactive elements is being based on the Attitude Era in the game.

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Ravenous_Syn2054d ago

I don't want chyna in the game.

NeotheGamer2054d ago

All that matters is that teh Hunicos is in teh gamez

NeotheGamer2054d ago

His special would be 'Roid Rage"

dennett3162054d ago

Don't be so stupid...if you're THAT desperate to play as a guy who murdered his wife and child - brain damaged or not - then create him yourself.

The WWE can never feature that guy again or they will be slammed for making money off the back of a murderer by the national media. It's not going to happen, and he's not going to be featured on their programming either for the same reason. He's a killer, end of story.

WhatAboutBigBob2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

Chris Benoit will never be in a WWE Game as long as Vince is alive.

2pacalypsenow2054d ago

he is in the older ones and you can make him

lashes2ashes2054d ago

Yes older ones pre him killing his family. His moves will always be there because they are commen moves that lots of wrestlers use.

dennett3162054d ago

Of course he's in the older ones...they can't bloody time travel to remove all trace of him from games made BEFORE he killed his family, now can they?

Captain Qwark 92053d ago

and rightfully so. i used to love chris but what he did is pathetic. there is no excuse in the world to justify what he did.

WhatAboutBigBob2053d ago

I meant to say another, not a.

dennett3162054d ago

So, most of the ones they wanted in there are actually going to be in there as DLC. Guys like Steve Blackman, Goldust, Val Venis, Ryback, and Terry Funk (as Chainsaw Charlie) are all coming via DLC.
The Headbangers is a decent choice, Tyson Kidd too, but Luna Vachone wasn't a huge part of the Attitude era, and Chyna's issues with Vince McMahon and her current career in hardcore porn have killed any chance of her appearing.
Taka would have been cool as part of Kaientai, including the whole "Indeed" thing, but frankly the majority of this list is completely pointless.

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