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Resident Evil 6 Review | thumbACTIVE

Revel in controversy as thumbACTIVE review Resident Evil 6.

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Community1665d ago
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r4ndomalex1665d ago
The story is too old to be commented.
cruxito1665d ago

first comment :) yeaaah ...5 out of 6?? WTF

guitarded771664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

Says you've been a member of n4g since 2010, yet you comment like you just experienced the internet for the first time. X/6 is a weird grading scale. I guess it's technically more accurate than X/5, but 6 is such a strange base for grading. I am happy to see a decent score for the game. Although the game apparently leaves some fans wanting, it does not deserve some of the scores reserved for broken technical messes, which RE 6 is not.

r4ndomalex1664d ago

The site doesn't use numbers to grade, but 5 out of 6 is a close approximation to the scale used.

ChunkyLover531665d ago

Great game! Congrats on the success Capcom.

fastNslowww1665d ago

Love the game, once you nail down the learning curve/mechanics it's fun as hell. Cry babies should play it on pro = SURVIVAL HORROR, YO!

LiquidSword931664d ago

Morons with an iq of 20 or below will love this game. Other than that, it will sell like shit. Predictions are already in.

rocky0475861664d ago

Yeah, predictions are in and the game has shipped 4.5 million units already in just one week. Lol, you fail. That's more than any other RE game and any other CAPCOM game period. Yes they are shipped but the retailers ASKED for that many so they are obviously selling pretty good don't you think?

LiquidSword931664d ago

Dude, don't be ridiculous. Theyre predicted to sell not even 1.5 mil. Yes they shipped 4.5 but they won't sell that many. Preorders are a great way to figure out sales, and re6 only raked in like 300,000. That is piss poor for any capcom game or resident evil.
If this comes true, then re6 will be a record braking failure.

cruxito1657d ago

hahahah i love yout comment, run for PResident please!!!

rocky0475861664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

Don't be silly @LiquidSword93. This game has already sold over 1m units for sure, possibly already 2m units by now. You're going to use "vgchartz" as your source? We all know that site is incredibly fake and only gets their numbers from NPD and eschews the rest as they see fit. Plus to Capcom all that matters is SHIPPED numbers not sold, because at that point the stores already bought the 4.5m units that were sent out, the only time that would be bad is if those 4.5m units aren't selling and Capcom has to buy them back. Once again you fail.

LiquidSword931664d ago

Stop justifying your purchase to me you butthurt. Just wait until the official sales come in, there's no f***in way this pos will sell. Ppl can't be that retarded. SURELY. IT'S SO BAD. My lord...

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