Inside the Bubble Update: A First Look at the Wii U Interface?

A glimpse of what game selection, or even what the eShop could look like on the Wii U.

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ylwzx31475d ago

I just disagreed you at your request. :P

deafdani1475d ago BadLanguageShow
deafdani1474d ago

Wow, people sure can't take a joke... or wasn't it obvious enough? :(

barb_wire1475d ago

Strange, how it looks like UI that the Wii homebrew community has been using for years on wiiflow or usb loader gx.

Still it looks clean.

AO1JMM1475d ago

looks like the itouch/iphone music album ui actually

Axecution1475d ago

Apple VS Nintendo lawsuit incoming!

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31475d ago

Lol, nah, Apple stole the Wii's UI for the iphone...

neogeo1475d ago

Your not allowed to know about Wiiflow

AO1JMM1475d ago

Sweet but that was just the controller. I am assuming obviously but I hope the console menu is better.

jsslifelike1475d ago

Agreed. Haters can hate, but I'm getting kinda excited.

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