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Resident Evil 6 bears an overwhelming mantle. The new installment in a franchise that just two numbered games ago completely revolutionized the way third person shooters were played is now having to carve a place for itself in the world in a world where others have taken its innovations and built on them. |

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Heavenly King1835d ago

I love this game. The Leon campaign is a mix of old RE and RE4. There is not much emphasis on puzzles, but still, there is some room for exploration. And also the game is way harder than RE4-5; so you end up without ammo herbs and ammo lol XD.

Rent it, and if you like it buy it :). The final game is a lot better than the 2 demos.

TIP: Change the camera speed from 5 to 1.

camel_toad1835d ago

I've only been holding off to play it with a friend split screen because I heard the ai partner can ruin the fun. Is the ai partner that bad or is still playable single-payer?

RaiTheNoblesse1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

A.I. is ok, the NCP never dies and saves you a lot
(press B (360) to call them, and hold B + press up on the digicross to send them attack someone)

play it solo first! the co-op takes away some suspens and atmosphere...

after playing the prelude and the first (ok-ish) Leon chapter, play the (great) rest on veteran!
(use melee-, knife- and ground sliding-moves a lot)

some seemling hard bosses often have a simple clou, als on veteran. (RE6 Veteran = RE4 Normal)

camel_toad1835d ago

@ RaiTheNoblesse

Thanks for the info! Bubble +

alien6261835d ago

people expect too much from every game. I didnt expect RE6 to be like RE 1 2 3. the story change and the virus is more advance to the point the enemies could use weapons. Dont be expecting similar RE games. I feel that RE6 tried to give back that survival part and it did with less ammo and herbs. Leons story is by far the best that shows this. I still think RE6 is a really good game that people will enjoy but with all the negative review people wont be playing it. I say and many say dont go by what the reviewers say. If you still feel that its not worth buying it then i suggest renting its a game worth playing.

RaiTheNoblesse1835d ago

this Game is great!!
(was worried at first after REORC and the demo)

imo RE6 should played solo first (for the atmosphere and cool moments)....and not played like COD/a shooter

when using the melee and knife a lot (besides the groundslide move) the gameplay develops.., and is very playable on veteran for the first playthrough....

Pintheshadows1835d ago

I still wish more care had been taken with regards to the fluency of the cutscenes. The camera i've (kind of) got used to, but the cutscenes are horribly jarring.

If Capcom found a way to fix the camera with a patch, well, that would be something. It's a bloody nightmare in confined spaces and I hate the way it gives you a button press prompt to climb down obstacles. I thought that was old fashioned in 5. And the cover system is infuriating in narrow corridors.

Finally, the part in Leon's campaign in the subway tunnel is dumb and lazy game design. Pure and simple. I was on the other side of the tunnel and still got the train splat cutscene because I hadn't done what the game wanted me too.

The game is just odd. People keep saying it's a western style TPS but it isn't that. It feels like Capcom have attempted it but have only been told via chinese whispers what a western style TPS is.

It shows in short bursts wat it could of been but it's merely ok. It's average, mediocre, satisfactory. Those are words I say with sadness, and whilst I don't agree that it deserves a 3 out of 10 I can see why someone would be so angry with what they are playing that they would bestow it with one.

RaiTheNoblesse1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

in the tunnel, you were then on the wrong side of the tunnel..., at one point ya don't need to press A+X, but have to be on the "right" side...

coversystem is not always ideal, like when trying to throw grenades.. but it's fine (needs some getting used too)..

in tight spaces don't "aim" but use the "melee" to smash zombies against the wall

cutscenes are imo good or great!

Pintheshadows1835d ago

The cutscenes are good cutscenes but the way they tear you out of the game by displaying a black screen before hand is pretty archaic. In this day and age i'd expect them to blend seemlessly into the action.

'in the tunnel, you were then on the wrong side'

I was on the side with no train yet I still got hit. I wasn't therefore, doing what the game wanted me too. That is bad game design.

Oh, and with regards to the cover system, the enemies in Chris's campaign have guns so melee isn't always an option. The problem came when I was attempting to shoot an enemy in a narrow corridor and it repeatedly snapped me to the wall by my side leaving me vulnerable. Just frustrating. They should of put cover snap on L2 rather than the GPS.