The Best First Person Shooters

First Person Shooters is a genre that dominates modern gaming. Games like Call Of Duty, Halo, Killzone and Battlefield really show how far the genre has evolved from games like Doom and Wolfenstein.

The guys at Game-Modo took on the task of each choosing three First Person Shooters they can call their favourites.

What is your favourite First Person Shooter?

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Ares84HU1810d ago

Not sure if I agree with the list.

They are good shooters but I wouldn't call all of those "the best".

GameTechZero1810d ago

These are our fave FPS :)

Ares84HU1810d ago

That is great for you!!

The thing is with lists like this is that not everyone will agree with it since it is very opinion based.

For example; I don't see a single Battlefield game on the list and I consider Battlefield to easily be in the top 3 best shooters of all time. Some may agree some may not. It's all opinion and this was mine :)

Kenjifirera1810d ago

COD 4: Modern Warfare is my personal favorite on my best list of FPS games.

Yangus1810d ago

My list.
-DooM(I wait DooM 4 id Tech 5 engine!)
-Return to Castle Wolfenstein
-Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth(old xbox/pc)
-CoD,but only MW series.

hennessey861810d ago

Return to castle wolfestein

SolidDuck1810d ago

Oh haze all the way, I love what they did with the multiplayer, having constant rap music playing the whole time was such a smart choice. Plus graphically it blows pretty much everything away. I had PC friends basically crying and messing there pants over how good haze looked compared to anything there pc could do. I still play haze about 10 hours a day. It's that good.

ape0071810d ago

perefct dark on n64 was one of the greatest fps games ever if not the very best

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