Pachter: “BioWare without the doctors is like a Godfather movie without Coppola”

Industry analyst Michael Pachter believes the departure of founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk will have a profound effect on the quality of BioWare’s output, saying “you’re not getting anything like those games again.”

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NYC_Gamer2023d ago

The studio lost its identity along time ago while the doctors were in charge

shammgod2022d ago

Agreed. It was EAs meddling that caused the downfall

NYC_Gamer2022d ago

EA is known for ruining studios and franchises

doogiebear2022d ago

And likely caused them to want to leave

GrahamGolden2022d ago

the docs maybe was there but they were still EA bitches so nope they didnt lost identity before EA but after EA.

Bercilak2022d ago

Thank you!

Of course, people will point to sales figures in support of their contention that more recent games sold better but quantity doesn't equate to quality. Britney Spears sold a lot of albums, too.

Jason_Tanner2022d ago

Well really at the end of the day that statement is just a reflection on how brainless the consumer masses are as a whole.

greenpowerz2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

They were fine until PS3 was equally thrown in the mix after EA. Hell Even ME3 Box art was geared to PS3 fans.

Look at how Japanese this looks. When you see Shepard in ads when this energy blade is turned on it ejects like a mineral based blade and makes a cling/sling noise.

Carl_Shocker2022d ago

"Hell Even ME3 Box art was geared to PS3 fans."

...I don't even......whaaaa

The Box art was fine, better then having a horrible purple line at the top "Better with Kinect".

lodossrage2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

I know people like the throw ridiculous, fanboyish notions out there on this site, but somehow blaming the PS3 for the fall of Bioware is just.....well...anyone with common sense can fill in the rest for me lol. I'll just say only a fanboy would believe/agree with that dribble greenpowerz lol

Anyway, truth be told, Even though it's true EA has a habit of messing up developer units they buy, Bioware's games were slowly on the decline anyway.

Case in point, remember KOTOR? Remember how hardcore orientated it was?

Then their next game, Jade Empire, while it was still hardcore, Bioware made it more accessible to the mainstream (compared to KOTOR).

Then came Mass Effect, which was while still hardcore, it was made even more mass audience friendly than KOTOR or Jade Empire. And the rest of the games, you all know the story.

Point is yes, EA made them that much worse off true, but they were slowly going down the path of decline anyway. EA just made it come that much faster.

GrahamGolden2022d ago

hate more master zero....hey guess what ME1 coming to ps3 u mad brah?

best version confirmed also..another exclusive lost for ya..but oO wait it was also on pc's u mad ?

wait for your halo 1482937927384 and shut it kkthxbb

majiebeast2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

I think my brain just went dead for a second when i read that. WHAT!!!

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ChunkyLover532022d ago

People leave developers, that doesn't mean the games and franchises wont be fine. When Bungie left people thought Halo would suck, but 343i looks to be putting their own touch on Halo and Master Chief and it looks like the best one ever.

Remedy sold off Max Payne and Rockstar did a great job with MP3.

A different company made Little Big Planet for the Vita and people are saying that is the definitive version.

Peter M left Lionhead and I expect that to be a positive for the Fable series. Cliff B left Epic and I expect Gears and those games to be fine.

People leave companies all the time, there are a million quality developers ready to step up.

Chuk52022d ago

The difference with halo, is that bungie didn't have their hearts in it anymore. You could even see with reach that was the case. that's the case where new blood was needed. I see the doctors leaving much like Mikami leaving capcom

ChunkyLover532022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

I have to disagree, I thought Halo Reach was the best Halo to date, certainly the single player, which was heartfelt and amazing. I thought they took too many risks with the multiplayer, but it was still a solid effort.

343i is strictly a Halo developer, that is why so many talented developers joined them in the first place. If you look at some of the people who are on that team, they are an all star dev team.

Even there name is a Halo reference, I wouldn't expect them to do anything but quality Halo games.

MikeMyers2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

EA has a history of running franchises into the ground by buying out the developers and changing their identity. Just look at what has happened to Command & Conquer for example. Bioware will never be like the old Bioware because EA restructured them with Mythic Entertainment. Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk were the last two remaining co-founders at Bioware.

This whole thing reminds me of what has happened to Rare and when Microsoft bought them. The main people left and only the name has carried on trying to retain the glory days. Same thing is happening now with Bioware, the heart and soul of the company is now gone.

343i still has Frank O' Connor (formerly from Bungie) at the helm and he's in charge of continuing the Halo franchise. How the company moves forward on other future franchises is the question and that is only if Microsoft allows the team to do anything besides Halo. On the flip-side, Bioware has created a lot of ip's and were not a one-hit wonder. Now will the development team be able to create new and refreshing franchises while working at EA?

zerocrossing2022d ago

Itagaki left Team Ninja and now look at Ninja gaiden, number 3 was awful

Shinji Mikami left Capcom and look at the state of RE 5 and 6 they almost represent nothing of their origins.

Toyama left Konami and Silent hill hasn't been very good or scary since.

These are prime examples of creators leaving a company and their games declining because of it.
Also I'm not trying to correct you just showing the argument has weight on both sides.

m232022d ago

343i will only make Halo games, hence the name 343i.

MikeMyers2022d ago

ChunkyLover53, then perhaps 343i isn't the best example of new people carrying on the torch since all they will be doing is Halo. Bioware is known for many franchises, not just Mass Effect. I do hope Bungie well in the future as they probably wanted to move forward and do something else besides Halo.

I think when Bioware was bought by EA it was downhill from there and now nobody is left from the old team. I also expect some people from 343i to jump ship in the future once they have experience under their belts. Not too many people only want to work on just one franchise forever.

Jason_Tanner2022d ago

The name of a developer means nothing without a talented group of people behind it.

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zerocrossing2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

miss post

Belking2022d ago

I knew once EA stepped in it wouldn't be long before those guys took off. No studio wants want to be owned and those that are owned and say otherwise is total BS. All my opinion of course.

Knight_Crawler2022d ago

I hate MS for not buying Bioware when they had the opportunity.

Blah blah blah...Rare was already dead when Nintendo sold them to MS so do not give me that BS about MS killed Rare.

Belking2022d ago

"Blah blah blah...Rare was already dead when Nintendo sold them to MS so do not give me that BS about MS killed Rare."

I know Rare wasn't the same when MS bought them. As a matter of fact, MS actually brought them back to profitability. In this case there was no need for EA to step in with that deal because Bioware was doing well with their publishing deals. They really didn't benefit from the EA take over. When they had to defend their ending to ME3 I knew a change was gonna come. These guys will start another studio and won't that mistake again.

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