Fire Emblem Beats BioShock At Its Own Game?

If you've got a Wii and at least 20 hours of life to spare, MTV Multiplayer's Stephen Totilo recommends playing Radiant Dawn yourself. You too may experience a series of ethical dilemmas that make killing Little Sisters - or frying companion cubes - seem no more tortured than a coin flip.

Warning: spoilers about Radiant Dawn throughout the post.

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KeiZka3542d ago

Interesting notion. Especially the last part where he talks about the nameless grunts, the goombas of Fire Emblem, vs named characters, or the Marios of game. All in all, it could prove to be interesting.

RecSpec3542d ago

I had some serious thoughts about this article going, and than I read this piece of journalistic gold.

"I sat dumbfounded. Really? I have to destroy all of those characters I spent all that time improving?

I did what any gamer does in a panic. I went to GameFAQs."

I completely forgot what I was going to type earlier. This comment derailed my train of thought into the village of Common Sense killing many of its inhabitants. THEN the resulting fire from said crash spread to the city of Rationality, killing thousands.

I need to lie down.

KingKirchner3542d ago

I'm a Fire Emblem fanboy, so I got this game at launch a few months ago, and it's great. It was my main reason for getting a Wii in the first place (along with Brawl) and it was great.

along with the moral-challenging gameplay, the storyline of this game will challenge racism, moral, and religion. It's a great game that would be worth getting just for the story IMO.

PS360WII3542d ago

Yes this game is amazing and frustratingly hard!

Eretik3541d ago

And nobody know when FE will be available.
It seems that Euro commission must punish lazy Nintendo and lazy developers.

ShadoWulf3541d ago

I played Path Of Radiance and it was amazing, even without these twists. One thing Fire Emblem does, though, is blend black and white into gray. I found myself making allegiances with enemies and never quite trusting my own soldiers... really great stuff.