Resident Evil Blamed For UK Murder

A UK based newspaper published in Norfolk has blamed the torturing and murder of a man on the popular survival horror franchise, Resident Evil.

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moegooner882055d ago

"The attack included horrible acts of mutilation such as pouring boiling water on the victim and inflicting cuts and burns all over his body", i am guessing Resident Evil taught him this as well /s

omi25p2055d ago

No cooking mama taught him to boil water.

thorstein2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

So, he didn't learn any of it from the Inquisition? nor current Sharia Law? nor from the Bible or Torah?

No, from a video game about killing Zombies. That's believable!/s

ChronoJoe2054d ago

Doesn't really sound like it was blamed, just likened to? Might be wrong.

knowyourstuff2054d ago

There is a reason the British press has been credited as being nothing more than a giant tabloid fest full of nonsense, it's even worse than the US and that's unbelievably hard to accomplish.

Unlike thorstein ^ and others looking for a scapegoat, there is no one to blame but the killer himself, period.

BongSmack2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

The paper that reported this didn't make any mistakes, MMOGameCentral however dropped the ball with the misleading headline-no one *blamed* resident evil for the killings (according to the article "The *comparison* to the Resident Evil games came from one of the killers as he *compared* the alcohol driven attack to the graphic video-games"). So yeah no blame just a comparison.

I Definitely agree only the killers can be blamed.

andibandit2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

the whole reason RE got mentioned in this is because one of the killers comapared the act with Resident Evil.

Spinal2054d ago

Looooooool funniest comment ever.

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gaffyh2055d ago

This is based on info from "one of the killers", who most likely was trying to get off a murder charge by "blaming it on video games", which obviously didn't work. What they did to this guy was plain sick.

geddesmond2054d ago

A game doesn't give you the will and darkness needed to kill someone. If someone has premeditated murder on their minds its down to traumatic events in their lives, a very bad up bringing or they're just natural born killers as some would say.

There is no torture like that in any of the RE games I've played and I've played 9 or 10 different RE games. I don't even remember any type of torture in the games what so ever but it has been years since I've played some of the titles.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

Minor charges were placed against Mr. Roys, Mr. Brown and Ms. Cooke. But the video game series itself will face the death penalty.

Update: The prisoner Resident Evil was taken over to Capcom headquarters to await it's execution.

Update: After being brutally tortured with 3 devastating tools (torture tools only known as RE5, RE:ORC and RE6) the game was officially announced dead on October 2, 2012 at the young age of only 6.

R.I.P Resident Evil 1998-2012

CalvinKlein2054d ago

I think they should all get shot for doing that. Or at least life in prison or the death(what we do to best friend dogs peaceful death)penalty.

This has nothing to do with resident evil but if you commit sadistic acts mentioning a videogame at your trial gets you at least -10 years from your sentence usually.

kparks2053d ago

No the should tie them all down and do to them what they did to this poor guy and see how they like it! STREET JUSTICE STYLE!!

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Cajun Chicken2055d ago

And I bet the Saw collection of movies next to his two games were ignored.

CaptainCamper2055d ago

Lmao, probably not far off with that comment :D

Hellsvacancy2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Playing Res 6 may make me want to do that to myself, but not someone else

Who takes newspapers seriously anyway?

CaptainCamper2055d ago

They aim for a totally different demographic to video-games. I don't know anyone under 40 that reads a newspaper and most of them think video-games are the work of Satan. So makes sense to pin the blame on a computer game :D

richierich2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

They said this was blamed on the survival horror franchise Resident Evil, this isnt a survival horror franchise last time I checked infact it hasnt been for over 11 years