Survival horror is dead

Bitmob - Or at the very least on life support. A genre that was once a constant producer of quality video games to soil ourselves over are now almost extinct. Horror by definition is a subjective feeling. What one finds scary, another finds humor and in relation, is difficult to achieve. For a game to be scary, timing, mood and feeling all have to be right, these aspects are also out of the developers hands for the most part as they can't account for how and when someone plays.

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ritsuka6661894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

The old school and innovative Survival horror games are being developed by indie devs in PC now.

Check out Amnesia: Dark descent for a first person and very scary survival horror game.

DialgaMarine1894d ago

True about Indie Games. As far as AAA titles go, I have a very good feeling about Last of Us bringing the genre back to life.

chukamachine1894d ago

Dead space pwns all horror games.