Replay – Banjo Kazooie

Game Informer - This week, a heated argument breaks out between the GI crew regarding this Rare classic's place in history.

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cpayne931897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Mario 64 had better jumping mechanics, but banjo had better music, worlds, characters, story, and bosses. Banjo Kazooie wins for me, though they're both my favorite n64 games.

Games like these just aren't made anymore, truly one of the best games ever. Even now its way more fun than most every game that came out this gen.

Sucitta1897d ago

DK 64 was AMAZING ! still waiting on the remake that will most likely never happen = (

ChunkyLover531897d ago

Great game, wish Nuts And Bolts would have gotten the chance to excel, even though it got a platinum hits version, you could tell people were stuck in the past.

Would love a straight up Banjo game, or even a sequel to Nuts And Bolts.

Figured I'd get in before all the Rare haters with the "Old Rare" "Shovelware" "BS" rants start.

cpayne931897d ago

Nuts and Bolts might have been a pretty good game, but I really do wish they could have made a true sequel to the originals, so I understand why people were upset. Nuts and Bolts just couldn't stand up to the old masterpiece, which of course is what people would compare it to.

Knight_Crawler1897d ago

Well said...MS missed a big opportunity by not making a true sequel to the original.

MS could have had a game that would have competed with Mario and a mascot that kids and adults would both love.

Still puzzles me as to why MS did not want to continue with Banjo and Conkers...they nostalgia alone would put MS in a good position with old school gamers.

ChunkyLover531897d ago


Rare were the ones who went the direction they went with Nuts And Bolts. It was risky, but so many people these days ask for changes to games, so I'm not surprised they went with a new direction.

As for Conker, they released Conker at the end of the original Xbox life cycle (2005) It was right around the time as the Xbox 360 was slated to launch, so it obviously sold terribly.

The funny thing is, Conker had the same problem with the N64, Nintendo released it at the end of the consoles life and people ignored it because the next console was announced and released.

Another interesting thing is that the same thing happened with Conker and the Game Boy Color, they announced the game for the handheld, then announced the Game Boy Advance.

So its a bit of bad luck, I'd love if they re-visited the franchise with the Xbox 720, but I can understand why they didn't feel the urge to visit it so soon after a huge flop that was Live And Reloaded.

Knight_Crawler1897d ago

@Chuncky - I understand that and I am not saying that N&B was a bad game because I really enjoyed it and was something different at the time.

My only issue is why did'nt or hasn't MS made a true sequel to Banjo?

There have been many Mario clones or games that have tried to copy its formula but the only game that gives Mario a run for its money is Banjo...If Rare had just taken the Magic from the previous Banjo and brought it over next gen MS would have had its Mario which I thought was the the point of MS purchasing Rare.

Conker is another story because he was aimed more to the adults and teens so it would be hard for MS to make money from him but that does not mean that his games were not fun.

SilentNegotiator1897d ago

"wish Nuts And Bolts would have gotten the chance to excel"

Too bad it was a poorly designed (mainly) racer with horrendous wonky physics and a boring overworld. It was a mediocre game regardless of bastardizing a classic IP.

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eferreira1897d ago

I love this series, such a shame its not around anymore