Joystiq - Medal of Honor: Warfighter heads to Somalia for 'Shore Leave'

Joystiq - In the Medal of Honor: Warfighter single-player mission "Shore Leave," Tier 1 Operators are assaulting an Al-Shabaab pirate stronghold on the Somali coast. The mission opens up with a beach siege by boat while our stalwart crew of Stumps and company are under heavy fire.

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urwifeminder1809d ago

Nice sounds cool will check it out.

hennessey861809d ago

Impressed with the beta, the graphics were poor and it felt sluggish.

angelsx1809d ago

The graphics are poor coz there is no texture pack in the beta how was battlefield 3 beta.

BattleAxe1809d ago

Stop making excuses for this game. Its not just the textures, its the entire art direction.