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Guilded: Guild Wars 2 and the Quest for Celery

GameSpy - When you're considering crafting professions, Guild Wars 2 helpfully provides the following warning if you try to select cooking:

"Are you sure? Cooking is an advanced profession. It is a deep dark hole into which you throw money and time. If you want to make a small fortune cooking, the first step is to get a large fortune. Cooking will leave you impoverished, with your inventory full of dough, spice mixes, pasta, and various other things that won't fit into the collection storage we helpfully provided so that you have room in your inventory for stuff you find. Cooking is not for you. Maybe you should be an artificer or an armorer. In fact, go try armorer. Everyone needs armor."

Being a fan of the Cooking Mama games -- I am not joking one iota -- I ignored the warning. I wanted to cook. This is my story. (Guild Wars 2, PC)

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