UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown talks Wii

In an audio clip over at Go Nintendo, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown talks about playing the Nintendo Wii with his son.

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Iamback3360d ago

In short what did he say because i dont want to listen to whole podcast?!

Rocko3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

Just briefly describes playing wii-sports with his kids.

whoelse3360d ago

Now i really don't want a Wii! :D

Shaka2K63360d ago

And the wii is a boring cheap toy with no games.

Rocko3360d ago

Thats why you have 1 bubble.


KeiZka3360d ago

Funny. Then again, I must applaud you for leaving that Kidtendo crap out, since it did make you look like a fool, more than you are now. And while Nintendo may be for kids, so are PS3 and X0 as well. I still shiver at those 13yr olds running their mouths...

PS. Maddens Raiders has taken up on the Kidtendo. I am somewhat shocked/amused/annoyed, you choose.

wiizy3360d ago

thats what the wii is about entertaining everyone...

stuntman_mike3360d ago

gordon brown looks like a fat cow.

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