Alexander Freed Leaves BioWare

And now another BioWare staff member bites the dust… Alexander Freed has officially announced that he is leaving BioWare and joining the ranks of freelance writers.

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Godmars2902139d ago

Wonder who though the Star Wars MMO to the level they did it was a good idea. are they still with the company.

NYC_Gamer2139d ago

Hmm...every week someone is leaving Bioware.

Anon19742139d ago

I'm really surprised this is new. Bioware is a pretty big developer and of course they have turnover. Show me a company that doesn't.

RickHiggity2139d ago

Seems like every week someones leaving a game company in general.

Carl_Shocker2139d ago

At this rate the two Doctors could create a new studio and hire original team members as they leave...saying that though I don't if Alexander was part of Bioware before EA.

FarCryLover1822139d ago

I'm pretty sure all these devs are leaving to for a super studio. Imagine this guy, the Drs. and Cliff Blezinski and the senior dev at Bungie form a studio!

Knight_Crawler2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

To me Bioware died after they got purchased by EA.

They were once a company that did everything for the fans and now they are a company of money 1st and fans 2nd.

CD Projeck will always have my respect and money because they put fans 1st - here is hoping that they remain independent next gen and not get purchased.

blue_cheese2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

agreed whats the point of being owned by a media giant like EA? If Bioware needed publishers they could have just kept approaching EA to use as a publisher for the games they needed. Or better yet why not use Microsoft or Sony as the publishers like they did with MS for Jade Empire an Mass Effect.

FarCryLover1822139d ago

Didn't they get sold by their owners who owned Pandemic and Bioware? I know Bono was on their directors, blame Bono.

Somebody2139d ago

What's going on here? Game Makers Leaving Their Companies Month?