WTF is EA Doing?!

Bamboo Shoots writes: If you keep up with gaming news at all then you've probably heard about the latest dick move by EA. If you haven't then here's the down low; Electronic Art's FIFA 13 for Wii is the exact same game FIFA 12 was.

Now by exact same game I mean EXACT. SAME. GAME. Literally nothing has changed, same dialogue, same graphics, same character models, hell even the menus are identical to the previous game. The only changes are the roster updates and some kits.

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MattS2025d ago

What is EA doing?

Being a business.

And what can consumers do?

Not buy the game.


TalesFromTheBud2025d ago

Too bad we're on the same level as crack addicts and not enough people will ever say no. lol ugh

BitbyDeath2025d ago

Most consumers won't know it's the same game until after they bought it

2pacalypsenow2025d ago

its for the wii ..... moving on

Hufandpuf2025d ago

I bet the people complaining about this weren't even planning to buy the game.

adorie2025d ago

oh, but we should complain because this sort of practice could come to an HD console near you.

Hufandpuf2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

don't buy it. simple.

you vote with your wallet first and foremost.

urwifeminder2025d ago

Doesnt the new game crash and freeze alot this is a blessing i guess.

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The story is too old to be commented.