Nvidia Posts Specs of GeForce 9M Series

TG Daily writes:

"Santa Clara (CA) - Nvidia's next-generation mobile graphics aren't officially announced yet, but curious minds can already find some technical information about the new GPUs on Nvidia's website.

The company has listed brief specifications for the 9300M G as well as the 9500M GS. The lower-end will get you 16 stream processors, a core clock of 400 MHz and a memory clock of 600 MHz. The chip can be combined with up to 256 MB memory. Step up to the 9500M and then you'll receive 32 stream processors, a 475 core clock and a 700 Memory clock with up to 512 MB of buffer. If you look closely, you will notice that these specifications exactly mirror those of the 8400M GS and 8600M GT."

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heyheyhey3571d ago

those specs are boring

where are the high-end cards that can max out crysis eh?

Charlie26883571d ago

you mean MAX Crysis on DX10 cuz MAX setting on DX9 can be easily achieved with a good rig (I run it on MAX on DX9 with my $1500 rig)

now in the case of Crysis I think a few more patches to the game for DX10 and you could probably max it with a current 8800 series

I think like most of the experts agreed on the latest patch proved that the Crysis engine was not optimized and required more hardware that the one it really need considering many people that installed the new patch gained around 5 extra fps which any one familiar with the subject will tell you is a significant gain and now with the next patch they are promising more "performances" increases which further aid the "unoptimized" engine claims

new video drivers from each company will probably aid too since one of the latest one also gave improved performance to Crysis