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Submitted by Pozzle 1218d ago | review

If zombies ate fun; they'd starve in Resident Evil 6 | NBCNews Review

The one thing that "Resident Evil 6" has going for it; is that it isn't as bad as "Resident Evil 5."'s Todd Kenreck reviews the game. (PC, PS3, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360) 6/10

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LiquidSword93  +   1218d ago
Lol he thinks re6 is worse than 5? Erm at least 5 had a decent story (I guess) and the graphics were good for 09. Re6 has nothing. Whatsoever.
SilentNegotiator  +   1218d ago
Actually, he says that RE6 is better than 5. And I couldn't disagree more.

Even the controls were better in RE5. How they managed to take a step back even in that department....I'll never understand.

RE6 is not a bad game because it turned to action. It is a bad game because it does that action poorly, along with everything else in the game.
AusRogo  +   1218d ago
I actually enjoyed RE5 a lot more than RE6..
meowthemouse  +   1218d ago
I think both 5 and 6 are horrible. Well 5 wasn't really a bad game, but it was a horrible resident evil game. The reason why they are so horrible is cause Mikami left.

I hope Capcom dies soon and regret all the bullshit they have done, I mean you get kicked out from their forums just cause you voiced your opinion to help support them and improve their games?

Screw Capcom, Capcom unity is just an illusion for us to believe that they listen to us.
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Pozzle  +   1218d ago
I'm not sure which one I prefer yet (still haven't finished RE6)...but I recently replayed RE5 and I found myself disliking it a lot more than I did the first time around. It started off really well and as soon as Wesker was introduced the plot had a MASSIVE improvement. But the whole swamp-lands, tribes and temple part in the middle was so pointless and dragging. It had no business being in the game and only seemed to exist as filler so it wouldn't end after 4 chapters. It felt more like it should be in an Indiana Jones game than a Resident Evil game.
Blastoise  +   1218d ago
"If zombies ate fun; they'd starve in Resident Evil 6"

Lol great line
WeskerChildReborned  +   1218d ago
MWH  +   1218d ago
i think RE5 was a good action game.
Plagasx  +   1218d ago
There lies the problem...

How long will we have to keep saying it's a "good action game" before we just say fuck it and play some other action shooter?

That's what made the older RE's so unique. It was different. Now Capcom thinks going this way will be better for the series but it's only hurting it.
MWH  +   1218d ago
my analysis was that Capcom couldn't find the proper story material to go back to formula so i thought they'd decide to end it with six and then go back to a new fresh beginning with new characters and new story.

RE cannot go back to survival horror mode with the current roster of characters. a most important part of being a successful survival horror is the element of Mystery, but this element is long gone after the outbreak.

think about it, it doens't make sense for any of the characters to go through the exact same experience unlimited times, therefore i believe if Capcom is going back to RE roots it should start either a complete new slate or sometime in the distant future where the current characters are forgotten heroes described in lost-and-found memoires.
cleft5  +   1218d ago
Sadly this clueless reviewer proves he is more credible than the Destructoid reviewer for RE6.
Dms2012  +   1218d ago
I wonder if Capcom will listen to our complaints and change it up with the next installment, I certainly hope so. I don't necessarily want old RE back with updated graphics and controls, wait, I DO want old RE back with updated graphics and controls.
asyouburn  +   1218d ago
It's really sad how critcal some gamers are being without having even played it. It's not a bad game at all. Is it the best RE I've played? Hell no, not by a country mile, but it is solid and fun. And I would know that because actually playing it (as opposed to reading someone else's opinion and making an assumption from that).
RAFFwaff  +   1218d ago
Whiny bitches. Leons campaign in resi 6 is fucking brilliant and is what resident evil5 should have been. If resi6 was just Leons campaign and a few online features, it would have got much better average marks, with the main downer being that it was too short. But we've got 3 more large campaigns after Leons! Just because resident evil6 is an bit bloated and trying to please everyone doesn't mean it's crap. It's a bit like a rock bands self indulgent "double album", where there are stand out tracks, and you wish they'd streamlined it a bit, but ultimately, when there's much to enjoy, you can accept itwhen they've missed the mark a bit. Personally I love how cheesy, over the top and bloated it is. Leons campaign is at least 8 out there for 10. The other campaigns might not be as strongly but they are not bad enough to bring the total score down to 4/5. That's ridiculous.
VTKC  +   1218d ago
I enjoyed RE5 right up until the main characters arrived at a swamp...after that I felt the game changed into some other game. From fighting tribal people to adventuring into some sort of what I would call very similar to Aztec like ruins. It was as though something out of Indiana Jones movies is what it reminded me of.
I havent played RE6 yet but from what I have been reading on the internet in reviews and opinions, the overall opinion doesnt sound very good. Still it wont deter me from purchasing the game at some later date (pre owned, I have a grudge against capcom which I wont go into as its all heard before) as I am still interested in where the characters such as (macho)Chris and (super hero) Leon will take me and will umbrella make a return instead of Tricell or whatever they go by.
I am dissapointed in that Wesker (in my eyes the greatest coolest villain of all) will not be returning though. I dont understand why would the writers do this with Wesker. He seemed to me to have such potential in being this constant thorn in our heroes and heroines side. Always one step ahead. But hey its just my opinion, I'm not writer. Just some old guy still playing video games.
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