Resident Evil 6 | Spong review

So, Capcom is back with another installment of the venerable Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil 6 (RE6 from now on). This time though, they have provided three different campaigns to choose from!

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Hellsvacancy1838d ago

- Awesome (although slightly flawed) combat system.
- Mediocre cover system.
- Ammo shortage.
- Flawed combat system.

So, it looses points for having an "awesome" (although slightly flawed) combat system

Then, it looses more points for having a "flawed combat system"

That review makes loads of sense

LiquidSword931838d ago

Way too high. This guy can't be serious. Good points but, even tho theyre an opinion.

MrAnderson1838d ago

Bad game, and also a bad review, move on.