Review: Resident Evil 6 is better than you might think | Financial Post

Is Resident Evil 6 a disappointment? Yes.

Does it continue the legacy of survival horror? No.

Is it a good shooter? Not especially.

But is there a stupid weekend with a buddy drinking beer and eating pizza buried in there somewhere? Certainly.

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ritsuka6661892d ago

Ever since RE4 came about the series has become a pile of dog shit. So I am not surprised for this score.

moegooner881892d ago

RE4 is to blame for the series new direction, its success encouraged Capcom to focus on the action rather than the survival horror.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn1892d ago

This is one of the reasons (but not the only one), but does not justify capcom.

The fourth chapter, however, was a great and innovative game, with still a little of the classic survival horror taste.

The main problem is that after the forth chapter of the series Capcom became the Activision of Japan.

DigitalAnalog1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

No. The problem is that Shinji Mikami's genius is unable to be compensated the moment he left CAPCOM leaving Resident Evil to a bunch of maniacs who have absolutely NO IDEA what to do with the franchise. I even highly doubt they would succeed in formulating the "classic" RE style even if they tried.

Plagasx1892d ago

People keep saying RE4 is to blame for this and while I do agree in SOME ways, you have to remember that RE4 at LEAST had some horror and that creepy eerie atmosphere that made the game still feel RE..

RE6 has NONE of that.

StrawberryDiesel4201892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

In all fairness to RE4, it was the perfect blend of survival horror and action. It was also more focused on survival horror overall.

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JoeSchmoh1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

I have to find a copy of RE5 gold edition for ps3 asap! I played the RE6 demo just to see how the controls are. It's phenomenal how you can melee and move around now from RE4 and 5. But, like everyone says...they want puzzles. I think thats why I read that the REgames for 3DS are the ones to play for puzzles. People will get used to RE6 and play it and it'll grow on people because it's the new RE. I personally didn't like how people disses part 5 and I told people 6 isn't gonna be any better because it's gonna be even less like a RE game. and look.. you got mad people write all types of crazy stuff about the new RE6. LOL

CalvinKlein1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

people dont like it because its just not a very good action game. Compare it to other 3rd person shooters its trying to be like and it is stuck in 2004 with its crappy mechanics and horrible animations and such. So why bother with a series that lost its roots AND FAILS to be a good game in its new chosen genre of 3rd person shooter?

Dms20121892d ago

Capcom is sitting back on their laurels and riding the name RE into the ground, it's a focus group abortion for nearly every game they make now. Just look at the god awful movies that continue to be pumped out, and Capcom allows it.

doogiebear1892d ago

RE 6 sucks, but honestly-- RE 5 is even worse, especially if you dont have a buddy/girlfriend/sibling to play couch co-op mode with you. Online co-op isnt as fun, and the fact that co-op in general is it's only good selling point, is sad for a series that is known for great solo experiences.

JoeSchmoh1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Yup, solo experiences vs. co-op. ,exactly what is tearing it apart. they're scared to make it with puzzles because then no one will really not buy it.

JoeSchmoh1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Yup, you all brought up good points. Its being the victim of being co-op because of the whole social networking in videogame boom back when part 5 first came out. Now with the modern warfare/black ops movement, it's becoming more shooter action orientated and no such thing as puzzles what so ever. But like this one dude wrote I remember reading someone write online before RE6 came out. "RE has turned into this game where you're just sitting in a corner spamming weapons." I was like "Right!" LOL I only played the leon part of the demo and I just like how the controls are a step up from part 4 and 5. and if people dont like part 6..what are they gonna do?! go buy a 3DS for those RE games? no Go buy RE: Racoon City? No, the critics ripped that game to shreds. RE 5 Gold Edition is like the only real normal RE salvation out there.

CynicalKelly1891d ago

You can see Capcom tried though. They brought back the large animals, tried to bring back umbrella, sure they may have screwed most of it up but we are getting closer.

It's a lot more action orientated but it's growing on me.