Battlefield 4: 10 Things We Want To See

WC writes: Battlefield 3 was an amazing game. Running right off the success of Battlefield Bad Company 2, it had a more complex and bolder engine, larger maps, and more team play you can shake an ACB-90 at. So how exactly could DICE top it? Well even though it was a fantastic game, guaranteeing hours of fun (or annoyance), it still had its flaws and missing bits.

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G33K2021d ago Show
GhettoBlasStarr2021d ago

I wanna see it on Next-Gen....... That's it, Next-Gen!!

ThatHappyGamer2021d ago

with 64Player lobbies & 7Flags like BF3:Armored Kill on PC. :D

BattleAxe2021d ago

I still don't get why websites use a picture from the box art of Socom: Confrontation when they're talking about Battlefield. Get it right idiots!

Steadyhndz2021d ago

Most of your reasons I do understand, but they're not really things that everyone would want to see. Classic Battlefield players like myself would love to see a lot of this back. But people who just like regular FPS don't really care, and that's the majority of the market.

SolidGear32021d ago

I want to see Bad Company 3. :)

Steadyhndz2021d ago

EA said it is in the plans after BF4

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