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3DJuegos: "Imitating Kakarot and friends in a game has no price. But Kinect ruins the experience for a simple game that is also lacking in content. Good for children. Bad for anyone else."

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miyamoto2083d ago

That's a long way from 9,000...Vegeta-san will be pissed!

shivvy242083d ago

ITS OVER 900... woa woa wait a sec my scouter was upside-down !

Qrphe2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

You almost killed me right there xD

b163o12083d ago

"Better with Kinect" lmao

MikeMyers2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

They really should do better testing. If Kinect isn't precise enough or engaging enough then scrap it. Seems to me Kinect is unable to replicate body movements accurately enough yet.

Using the body to mimic controls is a great idea in theory but it needs to be able to have virtually no lag to do it justice. There also needs to be more than just one camera to offer true 3D rendering of what the body is actually doing.

Shadonic2083d ago

it works just not all studios arent that good with the programming take power up heroes that game basically usues the same gestures and works like a charm but dbz kinect dosent IMO its just displaying the gap in the learning curve when it comes to kinect for developers.

vork772082d ago

thats false advertising

pompombrum2083d ago

5.6? that's higher than I was expecting tbh lol.

jghvhv2083d ago

Budokai 3 on PS2 is still the best DBZ game.I can't wait to get it again in the HD Collection!

StrawHatPatriot2083d ago

In terms of gameplay, yeah it's really good, but in terms of features and modes, DBZ BT3 is better.

I know the knock on the BT series in contrast to Budokai was how BT was too cinematic, but I don't know, I felt the mix between the cinematic and combat was fair.

jghvhv2083d ago

I actually love DBZ BT3.I guess I always think of B3 as the best because it was the first DBZ game I played that had SS4 Goku and Vegeta and Fusions.Hopefully we get a DBZ BT HD Collection!

Shadonic2083d ago

I hated ultimate tenkaichi.