OXCGN’s EB Expo 2012 Snapshot 2: 10 More Upcoming Games Previewed


"Day Two of the EB Games Expo gave gamers another opportunity to wait in line for eternity in order to play the latest games for a few minutes.

Much like OXCGN’s Day One Snapshots, my impressions are rated as follows:

Green: game looks fantastic, polished and basically a guaranteed winner

Yellow: game looks great, but there’s a bit of uncertainty or something that didn’t quite work right

Orange: game is shaping up, but needs some work.
Let’s get into it shall we."

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gaminoz2052d ago

Some amazing games coming up: Assassin's Creed 3 is sounding amazing. Halo 4 is also sounding fun.

Not too many crap games seem to be coming up actually.

BadCircuit2052d ago

Luckily some of those are next year like Tomb Raider or I'd be worse than broke!

Proeliator2052d ago

This year isn't as amazing as I thought it would be... at least the games are solid.

BadCircuit2052d ago

Not sure what you were expecting? The games look you mean the next gen coming? Or the Wii Poo?

Paris992052d ago

These games arnt looking as good as last year

BadCircuit2052d ago

Your're kidding right? They look better!

level 3602051d ago

Side-by-side on the booth Tomb Raider and Hitman looks and plays terrific.

New Splinter Cell Blacklist game play preview is also very very impressive., it's great the developers have put back a lot of the old favorites from the original game while also progressing.