Xbox 360 Version of ‘Dishonored’ Requires 5 GB Install for “Optimal Experience”

Planning on buying Arkane Studios’ Dishonored next week? Running out of room on your hard drive? Well, it may be time to make some extra room, about 5 GB of room.

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TekoIie1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

So are they saying for the "optimal experience" we need to install an ADDITIONAL 5gb on top of the original game or that the entire game has a 5GB install?

Either way I'm fine with that. I install all my games on the 360 just to keep the discs in good condition :)

xPhearR3dx1994d ago

Bethesda released a similar statement with RAGE when it released. They were basically saying install the game to your HDD for the "optimal experience". Trust me, it showed when RAGE wasn't installed. At least this is 5GB and not 20GB+ like RAGE lol

NightMystic1994d ago

Entire game as a 5gb install

JellyJelly1994d ago

It's probably a texture install, similar to Battlefield 3.

MGRogue20171994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Good. Developers need to take full advantage of the HDs in consoles whenever they can tbh.. It's what they're in there for in the first place.

e.g. Black Ops II on PS3 offers an option that allows PS3 users to install game data to their HDs. Finally.. PS3 users have been crying out.. actually, more like begging for an option to install game data to their HDs since COD4 & World At War. They can now rest.. & play the latest CoD title knowing that their blu-ray drives are in good hands & aren't in jeopardy of being raped to death. (see MW3 PS3) xD

This is what it should be like for every PS3 title.. Let us, the players decide if we'd like to install a title's game data to our HDs.

thebudgetgamer1994d ago

Every time I buy a game for my 360 the first thing I do is install it to the hard drive. I don't understand why you wouldn't.

ado9081994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Um I don't understand how am I going to install this game on the 360 then... Both of xbox 360's are actually the 4GB slim ones.And I don't want to buy this game on the Ps3 mainly because of Beth's bad reputation with the past games they released. Fallout, Skyrim, Rage, ECT....

DEATHxTHExKIDx1994d ago

Id say buy a bigger hard drive. Idk if theres any other alternatives. If you look around Im sure you find Hard drives cheaper now.

doublebass21994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

u have 2 360 slim and not a decent usb flash drive or usb extrenal hdd?I recently bought a corsair voyager 16gb for 12 euros...You cant afford that?...Jeez...Quit complaining and start searching a bit before nugging..

dazzrazz1994d ago

Get yourself a basic 120GB used hard drive duuh, they cheap as hell... anyway game was made by Arkane Studios and Bethesda is only a publisher so I dont know whats ur problem

konnerbllb1994d ago

amazon sells 3rd party hard drives for xbox slim. I bought a 250gb drive a year+ ago and it's still going strong. I paid like $50, but they now sell 320gb drives for $60. That's more than half the cost of retail, can't beat those prices.

ado9081994d ago

Lol guys guys calm down with the comments and disagree jeez. I got it after the first comment and I didn't know you can use a USB flash drives as a source of storage. I only got the 360's this year so I'm still a bit new to them.

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