XCOM's Jake Solomon Could Be The New Cliffy B

Cinemablend "you're probably peeved off your shorts that Cliffy B is hanging up his fanboy boots (we'll miss you, man). Yeah, he's leaving Epic and the gaming industry for a while. No return date in sight (and I'm not crying, my eyes are just dripping man sweat). We'll definitely need a replacement who's always busting up into our news feeds, whether it be for trolling purposes or promotional purposes. The good news is that it looks like someone else is aiming to fill the shoes of the gaming industry's charismatic frontman of game development and it just might be Firaxis' Jake Solomon, the lead designer on XCOM: Enemy Unknown."

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Rivitur2056d ago

Never cared much for Cliffy B now cheapy D on the other hand... :D

vortis2056d ago

Ahaha, Cheapy D ftw...guy always used to come to my rescue even though the Brutes would usually royally murder him.

GamerEuphoria2056d ago

I hope not. Cliify B turned into a bit of a pompous guy towards the end. This guy is the new Jake Solomon.

Belking2056d ago

Cliffy B is actually pretty cool. I met him in NC once. He will be missed. Classy guy who truly loves gaming.

omi25p2056d ago

You know he isn't dead right?

Belking2055d ago

"You know he isn't dead right?"

Can you comprehend what you read? I did say "loves" gaming and not loved.

omi25p2055d ago

You also said he will be missed implying we will never see him again. This usually means he is dead.

Neckbear2056d ago

This man grabbed what was X-Com HD and made it into Silent Storm with aliens.

Which isn't bad per se, but...c'mon.

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