StickSkills Plays: ICO - Episode 2

Join Josiah and Sam as they venture into the old-school world of ICO, remastered in HD for PlayStation 3. As two ICO virgins, Josie and Sam discover this 11-year-old game, leading you through the good, the bad, and the downright peculiar.

In this episode, Josie and Sam get lost beyond all hope, frustrated beyond words, and sidetracked beyond explanation. We also learn the real names of our two characters, but they're still going with Judith and Frankie

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Adolph Fitler2054d ago

It's sad that nobody bought there games in the PS2 era, as now Sony are going to close them down.
Sony, unfortunately are one of the better of the three biggies in consoles, to encourage creative freedom, innovation & betterment of games on consoles.....but Sony have only been treated with disdain & scorn by the mass media & fanboys alike.
Sony have copped an absolute beating by the aforementioned this gen, even though they released PS3 & encouraged there greatest developers like ND, Evolution & Insomniac to do new IP's for there new machines....I mean MS or Nintendo WOULD NOT HAVE stood for this kind of gutsy risk taking from there closest 3 party & 1st party developers.
I mean, going back to PS2, Sony gave Team Ico all the creative encouragement, resources & freedom in the world with Ico, & the game flopped & lost millions at sold like a dog, which is even more Shakespearian tragic, when the game is so undeniably, epic & great & rightly considered a masterpiece. So that flops hard, but Sony says to team Ico, make another game, here, do what you want & take the time you need to do pressure, nobody gets roasted over hot coals over Ico's dismal retail showing, nobody gets scorched by a Sony bigwig to forget the artsy fartsy fancy stuff & told in no uncertain terms to make a by the numbers shooter or such that will have a chance to sell......instead they are told, encouraged & allowed the opportunity to make the game THEY (the developers) want. And again, sales aren't too great.

So, again, I say The Last Guardian will be lucky to see the light of day. I think that main Team Ico dude leaving confirms my suspicians & I am saddened by this...but it would seem that Team Ico are winding down & Sony has all but confirmed there closure. They will release the news soon I imagine....although I really hope I'm wrong, but with the closure of many of Sony's European developers, it is scary (considering these were great developers responsible for games as awesome as Wipeout & such) to think these guys are being culled, & it would seem that it is just a matter of time until Team Ico are closed....I mean, even if The Last Guardian does release (it's doubtful), it is also highly doubtful it will garner any substantial sales at this end of gen timeframe, as a new IP, with a pretty forgeatble name in The Last is destined beacause of all the said minuses, it is highly probably that combined with Sony's lack of marketing (which is only a current gen Sony trend), in fact, abysmal lack of marketing, that The

Last Guardian will be Team Ico last hurrah to gaming, & they will be killed off after it's release.....
So, in closing, best case scenario I see (as realist over a cynical bastard) is The Last Guardian actually getting a release & us actual non-trend following, non-sheep-like, gamers will buy the game day 1 & get to enjoy Team Ico's final curtain call game.

Adolph Fitler2054d ago

Worst case scenario & probably the moast realistic is Sony closing Team Ico before the games release & it never seeing the light of day. I mean, look at the facts, we have barely scene a skerrick of info on the game, apart from a stiilshot of a rendered picture of a Ico-ish looking boy with a Neverending Story looking dragon bird thingy.
No gameplay, & no really anything of substance that proved the game is anything beyond concept stages in production. I mean, I hope I'm wrong & a company can still be this ultra secrative, as well as Ushida (or whatever his name is) leaving just being a bad timing co-incidence, as well as Sony's European inhouse development blitzreaging of closures just also being co-incedental bad timing.
I mean, it would be a nice dillusional dream to think Sony has the unlimited resources to fund Team Ico projects forever, without ever getting a decent return on them. But it is plain unrealistic.