Download Battlefield 3 For Just $7.50

For those of you have not yet gotten a chance to try out the first person shooter action in Battlefield 3, you won’t find a better deal out there than the one currently available.

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Nitrowolf21750d ago

awesome, just got a new build perfect game to try out

guitarded771750d ago

Hell yeah!!! This is a mega deal. Been wanting to play it on PC (been playing on PS3 since launch), and at $7.50 and some tax it's a steal... downloading now.

alien6261750d ago

awesome :) great price been waiting for a good discount on the PC version. Been playing on ps3 but wanted to try PC version. I think my computer could run it in medium settings

HammadTheBeast1750d ago

I don't even have a gaming PC, but I'm getting it for the future.

jjb19811749d ago

Awesome deal, same thing here, ps3, wanting to have on pc.

Nafon1750d ago

Nice! I bought it for $10 during the 10 year anniversary on Origin a while ago! im hoping to build a decent pc soon.

averyzoe1750d ago

Can't beat the price, really.

s8anicslayer1750d ago

Downloading now, great price even though I own the 360 version.

brich2331750d ago

i own the 360 version too but i bought this one also.

moosehound1750d ago

Just plays sooo well on pc.. Great game.

SpitFireAce851750d ago

Yeah it plays well on PC...not so well on consoles!

neogeo1750d ago ShowReplies(1)
Plagasx1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Can you gift this to someone else??

I want to buy it for a friend.

Ducky1750d ago

Amazon gives you a key which you can activate on Origin to play BF3.

If you want to gift it, then you can send your friend the key and then they can redeem it on their Origin account.

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The story is too old to be commented.