Are People Being Too Hard On Resident Evil 6?

Let's not beat around the bush - Resident Evil 6 is getting atrocious, horrendous, completely brutal review scores from the community (with a current user score of 0.6 on Metacritic). The game has some flaws, no doubt. But one has to wonder, is this truly a bad game, or just backlash from a genre change that happened 5 years ago?

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NastyLeftHook02237d ago

no, resident evil sucks now and lost its roots.

Irishguy952237d ago

Yes they are. It's not below 5/10 because it's still enjoyable.

dark-hollow2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

a franchise like resident evil shouldn't be "just enough" or ok.

Look at all the sequels that got flamed to death, FFXIII, dmc 4, ninja gaiden 3.

those by their own merits aren't completely trash, but as a sequels to critically acclaimed franchises people hold them to much higher standards.

if rockstar made GTA V on on the same level of lesser open world games like saints row then yes, people will complain because they expect better than that for a GTA game. Or mgs game on the same level of recent splinter cell games, it just not acceptable for franchises that are claimed to be the top of their respectful genres.

and with RE 6, its not like we are asking for pure perfection, just we want a sequel that can hold it own and raise the bar just like RE 1&2&3&4 did before it. Which RE 6 is far from that.

Thatguy-3102237d ago

GTAIV was no where near as enjoyable as San Andreas and reviewers praised the heck of it.So your GTA argument isn't really that valid.

dark-hollow2237d ago


i disagree. I think GTA iv is the perfect example because it have much in common with the controversy RE 4 made.

You see, rockstar tried realism approach and sure it didn't please some people bit you can't deny that they fricking nailed the approach they went with.

the realism and attention to minuscule details like never seen on most games before it.

same with RE 4, its hands down the grandfather of TPS games of todays, it wasn't as scary as the previous but in the action field it was INNOVATIVE!

now RE 6, its didnt introduce nothing to the horror genre nor the third.person shooters genre, nothing was special or innovative about it, Riddled with bad game desiging choices and rookie mistakes that you often find on low budget, me too shooters.

wastedcells2237d ago

It is fun at times but is also frustrating and disappointing, it doesn't deserve the beating it's getting but it does deserve no more than a 6.5 imo. But it's funny and sad at the same time to see people react to it.

LackTrue4K2237d ago

i have not played the game, and i got one question about often do the QTE happen?
like how many do you go thou in an hour?? too many will ruin it...

jetlian2236d ago

dark hollow makes me see more clearly its totally an east vs west mentality in gaming journalism. QTE happen no more than GOW!

Only way it happens alot is if zombies grab you and you have to wiggle them off.So any reviewer who claims it happens too much truly sucks at the game.

And id like to note we had this same issue back in 09. Ninja blade(east) way to many qtes yet they loved heavy rain(west) qte only game. What about that walking dead qte gameplay. GTFO western journalist

kupomogli2236d ago

Resident Evil is a crappy shooter. If I wanted to play a below average shooter, there are better options out there than the newest game in an extremely overrated franchise.

By extremely overrated I am speaking on behalf of the newest games, where they change the gameplay into a shooter. Now being a shooter isn't bad. Left 4 Dead is a great game.

You have all these new style Resident Evil fanboys crying that people don't like their favorite series and claim if they've only played the demo that it doesn't count, etc.

How about you guys and try the demo to Vanquish or Binary Domain. Two great shooters that because they're new IPs sold like complete garbage.

Coincidentally, Shinji Mikami is the man behind Vanquish as well as the reason why Resident Evil was such a great series. While Resident Evil has been going downhill lately, he has since created what is arguably the best third person shooter ever made.

SilentNegotiator2236d ago

What game gets under a 5/10 average other than the most putrid or unplayable crap? Mundane games have no problem getting 7/10 these days.

"if rockstar made GTA V on on the same level of lesser open world games like saints row"
.....what, you mean, remember its roots and provide an enjoyable experience with characters that aren't all unlikable?

Awesome_Gamer2236d ago

No, they aren't being too hard on it, it sucks and it deserves to be flamed, Crapcom needs to get thier togther.

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dedicatedtogamers2237d ago

Ask yourself this: if it didn't have the RE name, would people be buying this game and making excuses for it?


It's the same sad circus every time: the "fans" of the game defend the game to no end, simply because they don't want to look like idiots for buying a $60 POS game.

Lord_Sloth2237d ago

Or maybe we're actually enjoying the game. Crazy, right?

colonel1792237d ago

Ask yourself this: If you like God of War for its violence and action, and then Sony decide to make a sequel being a puzzle game about unicorns and rainbows would you still buy the game?

Maybe the game about unicorns and rainbows is great by itself, but as a God of War game would be a total disrespect for fans of the franchise. Developers need to understand that when they create a franchise, they need to respect what made that franchise popular in the first place. It is good to take risk and evolve aspects of it in order to evolve it and improve it, but what Capcom is making with the franchise is completely out of hand.

If they wanted to to a QTE-infested, action game, they should have created a new IP for it.

Carl_Shocker2237d ago

You know whats going to happen now...the same thing that happened with FF13

People who have never played RE or RE6 will defend the game because they want to be involved in something and anyone who then calls the game and points out how crap the game was will be called for it even though they have every right to call it after the developer has ruined another once great franchise.

xPhearR3dx2236d ago

RE was ruined with RE5. I've played every single RE title to date, aside from a few Gamecube titles. I will defend RE6 by saying, yes it is a good ACTION game. It's fun to play and even better with friends. As a RE game, it fucking sucks complete ass. Just because something isn't what it use to be doesn't instantly make it a horrible game. Yes, it has camera issues at times and the QTE's are annoying as hell. Aside from that, it's a good, polished and fun action game.

Redempteur2236d ago

that's stupid.
When someone says that they play rpg and enjoyed ff13 that person is an ignorant
When someone says that they don't play much rpgs and enjoyed ff13 that person is a noob.

I can't win because Some other people are going with opinions as fact

Same thing here..

I've played all RE games and while the game is "good" and has some problems's still a good game.
BUt now come a notion that if the game isn't "great", "excellent" , a "masterpiece" then automaticaly it's a failure ?

Screw this ... and screw all of you jumping into the capcom hate wagon without using your brain first.

Baka-akaB2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

Tired of this topic . Just going to say that if you could stomach and even enjoy RE5 , wich most of the complainers around here DID back then .

There is no logical reason you'd find RE6 worse with the variety it provides on top of the usual RE5 crap .

Stop hitching wagons so randomly folks .


of course the comment doesnt apply to people that actually have a coherent line of thought and have the same issues they had with the franchise as far back as RE5 .

But it's not the case with the majority of the post seen within all the re6 threads , even a year or so ago .

ATrueResidentEvilFan2236d ago

Doesnt everything? RE is like a person, its growing up, becoming more of what it wants to be. Dont you change, doesnt everybody change? what the hell are roots good for anyways? Im sure have already forgotten what your favorite toy was when you were 4, that is a root in your development right? but now you like different things, and you will in a couple more years. Does that mean that toy sucks? Does that mean what you dont like now sucks? Capcom has changed direction and changed the game for three reasons, 1. Action games are more popular and better selling. 2. The game needs to compete with COD and other newer games and 3. They obviously like ath action game approach with horror elements. Also, RE's roots arent just about survival horror, its about sheesy lines, beautiful environments, Awesome bosses, and memorable experiences with a final boss and twist in the plot that leaves you speechless. RE6 had all of this. The china environments were breath taking, That snake was cool as hell, and you now what is better than one plot twist in a campaign with ONE final boss. THREE final bosses with THREE plot twists. How about you get your facts straight cus RE6 has stayed true to more of its roots than you would think.

showtimefolks2236d ago

no i feel like some of the reviewers are defending their reviws and why they gave it a good score

watch Invisible Walls on GT watch shane going after his fellow editors

he called it a great 3rd person shooter and said he never needed to use cover even on hardest difficulty

the way i see it overall 66/100 means the game is ok at best and no people are not hard on it. RE6 should have been a lot lot better

kupomogli2236d ago

6/10 is good if reviews were actually scored properly, but when even the crappiest games are given 6/10 or higher, it defeats the purpose of a 10 point system.

So the 66/100 is a bad average if you look at it that way.

OmegaSlayer2236d ago

It may not be the Resident Evil people want.
BUT it's a damn good game.
So yeah, people is complaining too much.

I want to see what will happen with DmC.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

"It may not be the Resident Evil people want"

Yay, you figured it out. congrats......

"BUT it's a damn good game."

Crap reviews say otherwise. Millions of true RE fans say otherwise. We DIDN'T want a mediocre [email protected] Gears clone (bitter irony that gears1 tried to be like Re4). We DIDN'T want as you and the minority call it "a damn good game". We wanted a proper Resident Evil game. In reality us fans AREN'T complaining enough. What the f**k do you need a cover system against a zombie horde for? Why does a zombie horde usually contain only 8 zombies? Why CAN i punch through the zombie horde in question?..... Why can't i shoot obvious zombies next to an important item when i know it'll move when i pick up the item... <_< Why is Leon, a trained agent and experienced zombie killer trying to talk down a zombie.... I facepalmed there. You'd think by he'd know better than that. It's not a couple of flaws, it's a freaking train wreck.

My friend this putrid pile that people claim they are enjoying (purely for co-op reasons i assure you) ISN'T getting flamed enough.

"I want to see what will happen with DmC."

The exact same thing, DMC and RE6 are 2 re-imaginings of 2 great classic franchises. 2 re-imaginings no one asked for. 2 re-imaginings no one wanted. TWO re-imaginings to cater to the casuals. A cheap attempt at getting CoD numbers. Hope you actually read this, and not run to the disagree button the second you see my reply...

nerdkiller2236d ago

its not scary anymore its like gears of war, i shouldn't be ducking behind shit to shoot, i should be runing for my life cuz theres to many zombies and not enough bullets.

OmegaSlayer2235d ago


Now I tell you one thing since I've worked for 2 months in PSM Italy in 1999.
Magazines take money to review.
When they don't get money they sometimes backlash.
So, don't trust reviewers blindly.
Who gives 3s or 4s to this game is stupid or biased and don't deserve to review.

forestfrog2236d ago

Would the game be rated so badly if it was the same game BUT it was a new IP called "zombie outbreak"? And not affiliated with resi evil or capcom?

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Griffin48712237d ago

If it were a good game, people would do the opposite.

GrahamGolden2237d ago

colonel79 god of war is all about action and puzzle dude play the fcking game

there are tons of puzzles in the games

smashcrashbash2237d ago

Nope. If we don't say something now it's only going to get worse.RE5 and Raccoon City were already low quality as they were and RE6 is just more of the downward spiral. If we don't tell Capcom the errors they have made then they are going to think they can get away with anything.

Snookies122237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

Lol, I think they already believe they can get away with anything. Hence travesties like disc-locked content.

CerebralAssassin2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

RE5 was NOT a low quality game. That game was great. Just not what fans of the series wanted. For what thaty game was, it was fantastic. I'm not saying it pulls off what the original RE did but better. I'm Sayin for the direction capcom took the series, they nailed what they tried to do. There's no defense fore ORC though. Game was terrible.

moparful992236d ago

Im sorry crash but from a technical standpoint the game is spectacular.. The sound, graphics, level design is all top notch but because it doesn't fit into this rose colored ideal that people have based on the first two games and their nostalgia for those.. Re6 is a good game, what it does it does well..

ZoyosJD2236d ago

Sure, it sounds good, but its no Battlefield3. Sure it looks good, but its no Uncharted3.

But, that's not the problem. The problem is that the game is labeled under the genera "dramatic horror". Check the CAPCOM store yourself.

The game tries to be too many things that are =/= "dramatic horror". It tries to be gears. It tries to be over the top action. It tries to be Uncharted. This is where "jack of all trades, master of none" comes in.

Resident Evil was the horror game; now its jack, yet still calls itself a "horror" game.

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NYC_Gamer2237d ago

Nope,RE6 deserves all of the negative feed back.

ritsuka6662237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

Resident Evil 6 is a hilariously outdated game and ... I don't really understand the people trying to defend the game with "It ain't that bad! ... Yeah, so far, giant goddamn disappointment of the 2012!