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Submitted by xlockingupthesunx 1218d ago | opinion piece

Are People Being Too Hard On Resident Evil 6?

Let's not beat around the bush - Resident Evil 6 is getting atrocious, horrendous, completely brutal review scores from the community (with a current user score of 0.6 on Metacritic). The game has some flaws, no doubt. But one has to wonder, is this truly a bad game, or just backlash from a genre change that happened 5 years ago? (PC, PS3, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360)

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NastyLeftHook0  +   1218d ago | Well said
no, resident evil sucks now and lost its roots.
Irishguy95  +   1218d ago
Yes they are. It's not below 5/10 because it's still enjoyable.
dark-hollow  +   1218d ago | Well said
a franchise like resident evil shouldn't be "just enough" or ok.

Look at all the sequels that got flamed to death, FFXIII, dmc 4, ninja gaiden 3.

those by their own merits aren't completely trash, but as a sequels to critically acclaimed franchises people hold them to much higher standards.

if rockstar made GTA V on on the same level of lesser open world games like saints row then yes, people will complain because they expect better than that for a GTA game. Or mgs game on the same level of recent splinter cell games, it just not acceptable for franchises that are claimed to be the top of their respectful genres.

and with RE 6, its not like we are asking for pure perfection, just we want a sequel that can hold it own and raise the bar just like RE 1&2&3&4 did before it. Which RE 6 is far from that.
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dboyc310  +   1218d ago
GTAIV was no where near as enjoyable as San Andreas and reviewers praised the heck of it.So your GTA argument isn't really that valid.
dark-hollow  +   1218d ago

i disagree. I think GTA iv is the perfect example because it have much in common with the controversy RE 4 made.

You see, rockstar tried realism approach and sure it didn't please some people bit you can't deny that they fricking nailed the approach they went with.

the realism and attention to minuscule details like never seen on most games before it.

same with RE 4, its hands down the grandfather of TPS games of todays, it wasn't as scary as the previous but in the action field it was INNOVATIVE!

now RE 6, its didnt introduce nothing to the horror genre nor the third.person shooters genre, nothing was special or innovative about it, Riddled with bad game desiging choices and rookie mistakes that you often find on low budget, me too shooters.
wastedcells  +   1218d ago
It is fun at times but is also frustrating and disappointing, it doesn't deserve the beating it's getting but it does deserve no more than a 6.5 imo. But it's funny and sad at the same time to see people react to it.
onyoursistersback  +   1218d ago
i have not played the game, and i got one question about often do the QTE happen?
like how many do you go thou in an hour?? too many will ruin it...
jetlian  +   1217d ago
dark hollow makes me see more clearly its totally an east vs west mentality in gaming journalism. QTE happen no more than GOW!

Only way it happens alot is if zombies grab you and you have to wiggle them off.So any reviewer who claims it happens too much truly sucks at the game.

And id like to note we had this same issue back in 09. Ninja blade(east) way to many qtes yet they loved heavy rain(west) qte only game. What about that walking dead qte gameplay. GTFO western journalist
kupomogli  +   1217d ago
Resident Evil is a crappy shooter. If I wanted to play a below average shooter, there are better options out there than the newest game in an extremely overrated franchise.

By extremely overrated I am speaking on behalf of the newest games, where they change the gameplay into a shooter. Now being a shooter isn't bad. Left 4 Dead is a great game.

You have all these new style Resident Evil fanboys crying that people don't like their favorite series and claim if they've only played the demo that it doesn't count, etc.

How about you guys and try the demo to Vanquish or Binary Domain. Two great shooters that because they're new IPs sold like complete garbage.

Coincidentally, Shinji Mikami is the man behind Vanquish as well as the reason why Resident Evil was such a great series. While Resident Evil has been going downhill lately, he has since created what is arguably the best third person shooter ever made.
SilentNegotiator  +   1217d ago
What game gets under a 5/10 average other than the most putrid or unplayable crap? Mundane games have no problem getting 7/10 these days.

"if rockstar made GTA V on on the same level of lesser open world games like saints row"
.....what, you mean, remember its roots and provide an enjoyable experience with characters that aren't all unlikable?
Awesome_Gamer  +   1217d ago
No, they aren't being too hard on it, it sucks and it deserves to be flamed, Crapcom needs to get thier togther.
dedicatedtogamers  +   1218d ago
Ask yourself this: if it didn't have the RE name, would people be buying this game and making excuses for it?


It's the same sad circus every time: the "fans" of the game defend the game to no end, simply because they don't want to look like idiots for buying a $60 POS game.
Lord_Sloth  +   1218d ago
Or maybe we're actually enjoying the game. Crazy, right?
colonel179  +   1218d ago
Ask yourself this: If you like God of War for its violence and action, and then Sony decide to make a sequel being a puzzle game about unicorns and rainbows would you still buy the game?

Maybe the game about unicorns and rainbows is great by itself, but as a God of War game would be a total disrespect for fans of the franchise. Developers need to understand that when they create a franchise, they need to respect what made that franchise popular in the first place. It is good to take risk and evolve aspects of it in order to evolve it and improve it, but what Capcom is making with the franchise is completely out of hand.

If they wanted to to a QTE-infested, action game, they should have created a new IP for it.
Carl_Shocker  +   1218d ago
You know whats going to happen now...the same thing that happened with FF13

People who have never played RE or RE6 will defend the game because they want to be involved in something and anyone who then calls the game and points out how crap the game was will be called for it even though they have every right to call it after the developer has ruined another once great franchise.
xPhearR3dx  +   1217d ago
RE was ruined with RE5. I've played every single RE title to date, aside from a few Gamecube titles. I will defend RE6 by saying, yes it is a good ACTION game. It's fun to play and even better with friends. As a RE game, it fucking sucks complete ass. Just because something isn't what it use to be doesn't instantly make it a horrible game. Yes, it has camera issues at times and the QTE's are annoying as hell. Aside from that, it's a good, polished and fun action game.
Redempteur  +   1217d ago
that's stupid.
When someone says that they play rpg and enjoyed ff13 that person is an ignorant
When someone says that they don't play much rpgs and enjoyed ff13 that person is a noob.

I can't win because Some other people are going with opinions as fact

Same thing here..

I've played all RE games and while the game is "good" and has some problems's still a good game.
BUt now come a notion that if the game isn't "great", "excellent" , a "masterpiece" then automaticaly it's a failure ?

Screw this ... and screw all of you jumping into the capcom hate wagon without using your brain first.
Baka-akaB  +   1217d ago
Tired of this topic . Just going to say that if you could stomach and even enjoy RE5 , wich most of the complainers around here DID back then .

There is no logical reason you'd find RE6 worse with the variety it provides on top of the usual RE5 crap .

Stop hitching wagons so randomly folks .


of course the comment doesnt apply to people that actually have a coherent line of thought and have the same issues they had with the franchise as far back as RE5 .

But it's not the case with the majority of the post seen within all the re6 threads , even a year or so ago .
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ATrueResidentEvilFan  +   1217d ago
Doesnt everything? RE is like a person, its growing up, becoming more of what it wants to be. Dont you change, doesnt everybody change? what the hell are roots good for anyways? Im sure have already forgotten what your favorite toy was when you were 4, that is a root in your development right? but now you like different things, and you will in a couple more years. Does that mean that toy sucks? Does that mean what you dont like now sucks? Capcom has changed direction and changed the game for three reasons, 1. Action games are more popular and better selling. 2. The game needs to compete with COD and other newer games and 3. They obviously like ath action game approach with horror elements. Also, RE's roots arent just about survival horror, its about sheesy lines, beautiful environments, Awesome bosses, and memorable experiences with a final boss and twist in the plot that leaves you speechless. RE6 had all of this. The china environments were breath taking, That snake was cool as hell, and you now what is better than one plot twist in a campaign with ONE final boss. THREE final bosses with THREE plot twists. How about you get your facts straight cus RE6 has stayed true to more of its roots than you would think.
showtimefolks  +   1217d ago
no i feel like some of the reviewers are defending their reviws and why they gave it a good score

watch Invisible Walls on GT watch shane going after his fellow editors

he called it a great 3rd person shooter and said he never needed to use cover even on hardest difficulty

the way i see it overall 66/100 means the game is ok at best and no people are not hard on it. RE6 should have been a lot lot better
kupomogli  +   1217d ago
6/10 is good if reviews were actually scored properly, but when even the crappiest games are given 6/10 or higher, it defeats the purpose of a 10 point system.

So the 66/100 is a bad average if you look at it that way.
OmegaSlayer  +   1217d ago
It may not be the Resident Evil people want.
BUT it's a damn good game.
So yeah, people is complaining too much.

I want to see what will happen with DmC.
xXBlondieVanHarlowXx  +   1217d ago
"It may not be the Resident Evil people want"

Yay, you figured it out. congrats......

"BUT it's a damn good game."

Crap reviews say otherwise. Millions of true RE fans say otherwise. We DIDN'T want a mediocre half-@ssed Gears clone (bitter irony that gears1 tried to be like Re4). We DIDN'T want as you and the minority call it "a damn good game". We wanted a proper Resident Evil game. In reality us fans AREN'T complaining enough. What the f**k do you need a cover system against a zombie horde for? Why does a zombie horde usually contain only 8 zombies? Why CAN i punch through the zombie horde in question?..... Why can't i shoot obvious zombies next to an important item when i know it'll move when i pick up the item... <_< Why is Leon, a trained agent and experienced zombie killer trying to talk down a zombie.... I facepalmed there. You'd think by he'd know better than that. It's not a couple of flaws, it's a freaking train wreck.

My friend this putrid pile that people claim they are enjoying (purely for co-op reasons i assure you) ISN'T getting flamed enough.

"I want to see what will happen with DmC."

The exact same thing, DMC and RE6 are 2 re-imaginings of 2 great classic franchises. 2 re-imaginings no one asked for. 2 re-imaginings no one wanted. TWO re-imaginings to cater to the casuals. A cheap attempt at getting CoD numbers. Hope you actually read this, and not run to the disagree button the second you see my reply...
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nerdkiller  +   1217d ago
its not scary anymore its like gears of war, i shouldn't be ducking behind shit to shoot, i should be runing for my life cuz theres to many zombies and not enough bullets.
OmegaSlayer  +   1216d ago

Now I tell you one thing since I've worked for 2 months in PSM Italy in 1999.
Magazines take money to review.
When they don't get money they sometimes backlash.
So, don't trust reviewers blindly.
Who gives 3s or 4s to this game is stupid or biased and don't deserve to review.
forestfrog  +   1217d ago
Would the game be rated so badly if it was the same game BUT it was a new IP called "zombie outbreak"? And not affiliated with resi evil or capcom?
Griffin4871  +   1218d ago
If it were a good game, people would do the opposite.
GrahamGolden  +   1218d ago
colonel79 god of war is all about action and puzzle dude play the fcking game

there are tons of puzzles in the games
smashcrashbash  +   1218d ago
Nope. If we don't say something now it's only going to get worse.RE5 and Raccoon City were already low quality as they were and RE6 is just more of the downward spiral. If we don't tell Capcom the errors they have made then they are going to think they can get away with anything.
Snookies12  +   1218d ago
Lol, I think they already believe they can get away with anything. Hence travesties like disc-locked content.
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CerebralAssassin  +   1217d ago
RE5 was NOT a low quality game. That game was great. Just not what fans of the series wanted. For what thaty game was, it was fantastic. I'm not saying it pulls off what the original RE did but better. I'm Sayin for the direction capcom took the series, they nailed what they tried to do. There's no defense fore ORC though. Game was terrible.
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moparful99  +   1217d ago
Im sorry crash but from a technical standpoint the game is spectacular.. The sound, graphics, level design is all top notch but because it doesn't fit into this rose colored ideal that people have based on the first two games and their nostalgia for those.. Re6 is a good game, what it does it does well..
ZoyosJD  +   1217d ago
Sure, it sounds good, but its no Battlefield3. Sure it looks good, but its no Uncharted3.

But, that's not the problem. The problem is that the game is labeled under the genera "dramatic horror". Check the CAPCOM store yourself.

The game tries to be too many things that are =/= "dramatic horror". It tries to be gears. It tries to be over the top action. It tries to be Uncharted. This is where "jack of all trades, master of none" comes in.

Resident Evil was the horror game; now its jack, yet still calls itself a "horror" game.
DukeN13   1218d ago | Spam
NYC_Gamer  +   1218d ago
Nope,RE6 deserves all of the negative feed back.
ritsuka666  +   1218d ago
Resident Evil 6 is a hilariously outdated game and ... I don't really understand the people trying to defend the game with "It ain't that bad! ... Yeah, so far, giant goddamn disappointment of the 2012!
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soundslike  +   1218d ago
"Hitler was an OK guy"
Myst  +   1218d ago
Honestly I think some are but then again those people want a return to the survival horror that they have come to know as Resident Evil. Which I think is perfectly justified and fair; given the way games have been turning out I can understand why they are mad especially since it has become more action-y. Though quite frankly I still quite enjoy it and at the end of the day it just comes down to personal preference anyway :|
cleft5  +   1218d ago
It's fine to want the game to return to the survival horror origins, but it's not okay to pretend like RE6 is the worse game ever because it's an action game and not a survival horror game. This trend by "hardcore" gamers to just hate on stuff without good reason is not only disgusting, but it is going to lead to fan feedback not being taken seriously.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1218d ago
The problem is you know that and so does almost everyone else but Capcom flip-flopped consumers saying one day that it is survival horror then saying it isn't shortly after.

Then there are many sites that have labelled it under survival horror when its everything but...

I agree with your thoughts in the matter and if I was official reviewer I would have given it a much higher because a 1 out of 5 or anything along those lines is unplayable in my eyes. But in exchange remove the survival horror tag on it and file it under action/shooter...
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Myst  +   1218d ago
True very true I can't really respond as to their thoughts as I like the game and have been playing it a lot recently so I can't get into their mindset.


Also what Kyo stated I even went to the No Hope Left website last night and it gives the feeling of Survival horror. My best guess is that dlc chapters will come out that will give it survival horror or at least put the characters in such a situtation.
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Knight_Crawler  +   1218d ago
So your basically saying that we should STFU and take what Capcom gives us -_-
Pozzle  +   1217d ago
I don't think anybody is claiming RE6 is the worst game ever, but if people are disappointed with it then that's their prerogative. And as a stand-alone game, it still has a lot of problems that quite frankly shouldn't be seen in a AAA title. If it was a new IP, I reckon people would be a lot harsher on it for its faults.
Baka-akaB  +   1217d ago
"I don't think anybody is claiming RE6 is the worst game ever"

Except that's actually what some people are doing in droves , in a rather sheepish way , i'm afraid .

Some had their own opinions , strongly against or otherwise , some others are just following the trend .

I can actually vouch for the existence of many idiots that never touched a resident evil before RE5 , that couldnt bother with "old and ugly ps1 and gamecube games" , complaining about the horror being gone in RE6 .

That's ridiculous
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ape007  +   1218d ago
i agree 100%, the leon part is very good imo and the game is still has something that special resi art and characters
DigitalAnalog  +   1218d ago
The question is whether or not people are being to hard on RE6 but rather why AREN'T they hard on other gaming franchises as well? Let's see if Dead Space 3 would get the same criticism considering what they're doing is in parralel to the mentality of RE6.
Moncole  +   1218d ago
If you played it you can say what ever you want about it, if you never play it you should have no opinion on the game.
majiebeast  +   1218d ago
No they had 500 people working on this game and none of them knows the first thing about basic gameplay.

-So many cutscenes in the midst of a boss battle is just terrible and just kills of the encounter.
-Horrible implementation of QT events.
-Terrible camera control.
-Recycling the same boss over and over and over again.
-Just completely killing of the horror aspect in a horror game

This game is just bad from the core how someone from the Q and A department didnt blow his brains out playing this crap over and over again is beyond me i could barely play it once. The rope climbing bit in Leon's campaign the guy that came up with that should never ever ever ever work in the game industry again.

They tried to get the brogamer market but instead they lost and their old fanbase and didnt attract a new 1.


Newsflash DA2 was a terrible game that took everything that DA1 did well and fucked it up. I loved Dragon age i couldnt even take 8 hours of Dragon age 2.
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cleft5  +   1218d ago
People are just jumping on the hate train. They did the same thing with DA2 and ME3. RE6 is just the new game to hate. Oh and by the way, RE6 is going to sell well so deal with it.
razrye  +   1218d ago
well said friend. People are being too hard on this game. I bet most are only commenting because of the demo.
cleft5  +   1217d ago
It's a fun action game and it definitely progresses the RE storyline. I understand people being disappointed that this isn't a survival horror game but too cry like this is just disgusting. I just finished 2 of 4 campaigns a I really like the game. It's a well made game overall and Agent Hunt mode really surprised me at how much fun it is to invade in the RE games.
SeraphimBlade  +   1218d ago
I've been playing it and it is BAD but it's like 5-6 out of 10 bad, not 2's and 3's. A lot of people seem to be giving it bad scores to "send a message" but when the company usually makes 8-9 quality games, and you give it a 5 or 6, isn't that enough of a message? Don't take it out on the game. Make that reason #438 number scores suck.

One word why I kinda like this: effort. I have never seen this much effort put into a game this fundamentally flawed. It has a LOT of good ideas and hell, even the story has some good moments, but the gunplay is so royally screwed in the more action-driven places, and there are a million little wtf design choices. There IS fun to be had with it, it's just very poorly designed.
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CLOUD1983  +   1218d ago
"but when the company usually makes 8-9 quality games.."

You my friend r very wrong because u cant understand something here, the triple-A games some companies made in the past was not possible because CAPCOM or KONAMI or SQUARESOFT or BLIZZARD make them, there is no company out there that have a magic stick & everything they make turn to gold.

It's all about some individuals with gr8 vision & ideas that make the realization of those dream-games true, the big scores of some games & the critical aclaim from every1 professional critics & gamers alike was possible because Mikami was in the past behind RE, because Team Silent was behind SH, because Sagakuchi was behind FF, because Blizzard North was behind Diablo.

So that's what happen when the original creators that made this franchises so successful leave their respected companies & some random dudes assigned to make the sequels & continue this vision, ofc they cant be so talented like the original creators, geniuses cant be found so easy after all.

So in the end I just want to fix your misunderstanding there, a big budget game from a big/well known company it doesn't mandatory means big scores because that's what u say there & that's definitely wrong way of thinking.
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SeraphimBlade  +   1217d ago
Uh, okay then. Not really the point I was trying to make at all there, but thanks?

Really though, the idea of the gaming "auter" gets completely overblown, especially in AAA productions. Yes, there are SOME talented people that can pull a great game together like that, Mikami is one of them, as are Miyamoto and Kojima. But as games get bigger and bigger, you need equally talented people handling everything from source code to level design to freaking lighting.

Also - and I sincerely mean this to be helpful - if "u" or "any1" types out entire paragraphs using txt-spk complete with UN-CALLED-FOR CAPITALIZATION, no matter how "gr8" your argument is, it becomes impossible to read, and people are not going to bother.
Ippiki Okami  +   1217d ago
@SeraphimBlade ....and I sincerely mean this to be helpful. THERE IS NO NEED FOR YOU TO BE A SELF IMPORTANT PRICK.
InTheLab  +   1218d ago
The sub 50% reviews for this game are facepalm worthy. You may not like the game and it may not by the Resident Evil you ordered but it is not broken. You can't give a 3 or whatever the trolls at Destructiod handed out to a game of this quality.

With that said, some of these scores are way too high in my opinion... GT should be ashamed of themselves. I expect it from Gameinformer, who's sole job is to convince you to buy stuff at Gamestop (preferably used ;)), but Gametrailers?

I played the demo and have no interest in playing Army of Two: Zombie addition. I would forgive the action and abandoned roots if I could just play alone without a tag along stopping me from opening doors...
Cam977  +   1218d ago
iNFAMOUZ1  +   1218d ago
Are people being too hard on resident evil 6 ? no, not hard enough, shows em right trying to dilute the true horror from this beloved franchise.
oldfriend86  +   1218d ago
Yes and no.

Yes, because there's a lot of trust issues between us fans and Capcom. And sometimes that mistrust influences our take on the recent games. I don't like Capcom for many reasons, but I feel a 3/10 or below, like all those '0' scores from users on Metacritic are an unfair grade for RE6.

And no, because clearly the game HAS problems with it. This is besides the fact that RE derailed so far from what it used to be. Even when it's trying to be an action game, it sucks. I could go through several of the hallways and streets killing zombies and even though some changes were kind of cool; playing RE6 just wasn't all that fun. Even Mercenaries didn't have the same flair it used to have. As mindless as RE5 was, at least it was fun.
Knight_Crawler  +   1218d ago
Take a good look at that avatar of your and remember the sweet memories from old school Mega Man because as soon as Capcom is done raping RE for it name they will move on to the next victim.

Get ready to play Mega Man in FPS mode and have him holding an AK47 and riding bikes.
AdmiralSnake  +   1218d ago
Lol people are exaggerating it. They make it sound like this is one of the worse games ever. It really isn't, the game just frustrates a lot of people.

Kind of weird because most people complain it, haven't even bought or played the game period lol.

Still I think people need to get over the fact, this is an action horror now. The thing is, Capcom didn't do a great job with the action sequences in this game, so the complaining from the ones who bought it, is justified.

I have no problem if this is the route Capcom wants to take, the issue is making it enjoyable, not plaguing the game with a bunch of annoying slightly broken mechanics.
Carl_Shocker  +   1218d ago
Urgh...I hate the type of peple who think old fans should get over it or move on after a developer gives the fans the middle finger and ruins there franchise for a more mainstream audience.

We were here first, were the ones who got RE were it is today we shouldn't have to just "move on" because people like you now find the series appealing after they've ruined it for older fans.

If old fans of a franchise have to move on everytime a game gets ruined and they are given the middle finger then they are just going to be jumping from franchise to franchise all the time.

"I have no problem if this is the route Capcom wants to take"

So your fine with them making average RE games....yeah ok then, good for you but not all of us are easily pleased like you.
#17.1 (Edited 1218d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
AdmiralSnake  +   1218d ago
I never knew I had to break things down when I thought the things that I typed here would be for anybody to understand. I guess judging by your comment I was mistaken, okay let me break it down for you, I forgot I've seen your comments before and you come off as a smartass/ know it all.

1. When I said "I have no problem if this is the route Capcom wants to take."

I was clearly talking about the action horror way. There's a good way of doing this and a bad way, Capcom has a mediocre way of doing it which pisses a lot of people off.

Going back to the "old ways" won't do anything if they introduce broken and annoying Mechanics.

Who said I was fine with that ? Who said I was pleased with it ?

Um no, they really need to get over it because that is really the direction Capcom wants to take, the issue is Capcom hasn't done it WELL.

IF they actually did the Action horror and it was good, would you still complain about it not being old ?

As I've stated before, Resident Evil 6 isn't a bad game. It does have a lot of issues that can frustrate a lot of people.

If they wanna do an action horror type thing, they need to do it the right way.

Cool you were here first, that's a nice bio. However I'm here now and I've bought it, I'll critique the game how I see fit. I bought Resident Evil 4, and the mechanics on there is annoying to, still I enjoyed it for what it is.

Resident Evil 4 has a lot of action also.. and people consider that the best Resident Evil game out of the entire series.

So it's not even that is has action, the issue is in Capcom and how they develop it. On that note, I'm done and tired of debating with the "old fans" of the series.

W/e you wanna deem yourself, because I'm pretty sure most people who bought Resident evil, have played some of the games on the older console.

Of course much like FF13 delima, people believe some new breed just popped out of nowhere and bought it lol.
amaguli  +   1218d ago
True, Resident Evil has been moving more towards action starting with 4.

It's funny how some people react. Mikami saw that Case 0 (the last true Resident Evil) did not have such a good reception, so he thought to inject some action into it to stay relevant.

However, we can agree that Capcom has gone just a tiny bit overboard with the action elements with Resident Evil 6.
GrahamGolden  +   1218d ago
leon campaign alone is better than res 5

chris well its crap except one part at chapter 3 i think were u need to chase a snake inside building..the atmosphere inside was strong,but the rest is full crap awful tps mechanics

Jake despite been cool as a character his campaign was the lamest of all

Ada my sec fav campaign after leon but way too short

anw res6=leon-ada
the rest is crap
ILive  +   1218d ago
I would give this game an 8 to 8.5. It is not the best, but it is engaging and that is what I want from a game.
KEEPNITREAL  +   1217d ago
I agree with you 100% with the 8 or 8.5 it's not perfect , but doesn't bother me that it's not identical like other resident evil games , as for me I'm enjoying the game. I've played all of them. I'm a proud owner of all systems !
RiseAbove  +   1218d ago
I'm only on chapter 2 with Leon but so far this is the worst Resident Evil I have ever played. Very disappointed!
007Bond  +   1218d ago
No they deserve all the crap they're getting cause they screwed up a great franchise just for more mainstream fans.
razrye  +   1218d ago
The game does what it is sent out to do. Not like that mess of a game called skyrim which doesn't work on any system. Good game mind you but glitched to shit. No glitches on res 6 so far. Just try the game. Leon's preferably lol
Mikefizzled  +   1218d ago
Old franchises like this have to adapt. Granted Capcom did adapt it too much for a casual audience but there isn't many actually scary survival horror games out these days.
#23 (Edited 1218d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
razrye  +   1218d ago
very true. bubble sir
Carl_Shocker  +   1218d ago
Theres a difference between adapting something and running it into the ground.
#23.2 (Edited 1218d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
DeathSyphon66  +   1218d ago
Resident Evil 6 is awesome and an improvement in every way. Does anyone remember Sheva? God she sucked and you had to save her all the time so partner A.I. stepped up. 2nd, does anyone remember what a pain in the ass joining a co-op game was in 5? In 6 it's way more painless. 3rd Finally I can strafe, improvement there. People are seriously complaining about zombies with guns, Does anyone even remember mercenaries mode in 4 there was a giant dude with a chain gun, RE5 as well. 4th Melee actually works now and doesn't suck. 5'th story intersections were you can intersect with four other online players on their own independent team journey has never really been done before, nice. and finally 6'th We as the players have options. We can play as 7 different characters, We can now switch and swap gun-fighting and hand to hand on the fly, Hell we can even play as the bad-guys if we want in Agent Hunt Mode. Everyone wants too see a god fall so 1 reviewer gives it a horrid review and everyone else falls in line. Seriously IGN you gave GTA4 a 10 and that game sucked so bad I put it down and shelved it. Bottom line if your a true fan of all things RE your gonna play it and if you loved 5 your definitely gonna love it. Gaming is always progressing if you wanna play in the past and not evolve go download the ps1 classics. It's not about the reviewers people in the end we're the ones playing it and it's only our opinions that matter.
Mikefizzled  +   1218d ago
The problem I had is they went down the 'Invincible AI' route in single player. For example the tunnel scene. Helena can survive getting hit by the train.
razrye  +   1218d ago
if i could agree with u more i would. Well said
Unlimax  +   1218d ago
Focus .. just Focus Deeply to the game and you will know why the game got many Low scores !

Dark fate awaits the series . . .
ILive  +   1217d ago
What in the world are you talking about. Did you just pulled that out of your ass?
Plagasx  +   1217d ago
Hey Capcom, if you're not going to make a Resident Evil game, don't call it Resident Evil.

K, thx.

Sincerely, a long time RE fan who cares about what happens to the franchise.
#26 (Edited 1217d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
lahnaloo  +   1217d ago
Yeah, I never played RE before but I think any franchise that deviates too far from its roots should just be a new name and be a new franchise of its own.
kevinsheeks  +   1217d ago
you betray the fans you get this reaction
Kratoscar2008  +   1217d ago
Its hard love man, how is Cashcom suppose to learn when we sugarcoat its flaws, Resident evil was Survival Horror game with cheese story, now its a generic cheeese action game.

Reboot please.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1217d ago
I've played it and its pretty good for the most part. Leon's campaign is my favorite so far. I didn't look at RE6 like a survival-horror but instead an action game which is exactly what it is. And for an action game, it isn't quite bad. As a long time RE fan, I enjoyed this game but I wish they stuck with survival horror rather than more action and the zombies don't feel like zombies. TBH there not even zombies, more like infected which kind of blows...I mean infected with guns!?. Every element that makes a survival horror game survival horror was lost in this installment. I never had a moment where I was like "Oh shit, Oh Shit!" because I barely ran out of ammo and when I did, I could always kick/punch my way through. Few scenes made me jump but for the most part, this game wasn't scary. Capcom shouldn't of made this series an action game to appeal to Western audience. Anyways, can't wait for Project Zwei
Nemesis4567  +   1217d ago
People aren't being too hard, you have to call a spade a spade. This game has an awful storyline, terrible camera issues, and most importantly not fun to play. Gamers (both 360/ps3) spend their hard earned money to play what they expect to be a great game, and yet they make excuses for the developers shortcomings? I've actually seen some people agree about how terrible the camera is, how uninteresting the story is and still give it a 10 out of 10. This doesn't help the situation. Fans need to wake up the developers and quick.
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