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"One should always embrace change as long as long as that change leads to something good. Although my soup of choice is tomato, I won’t deny that the occasional borscht, if well made, is just as enjoyable. In that case, if Resident Evil 6 wants to branch out from survival horror and be an action game, it’s free to do so. However, it needs to be a good action game, one that understands the genre and reaches the standards that have been set for it in recent years. It pains me to say then, that although RE6 really does want to be an action game, Capcom has constructed it so poorly that it has become a Frankenstein Monster of a game, wheezing and shambling forward like one of the zombies it features as enemies." (Michael Urban,

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AsheXII1993d ago

im going to put up a review on my website, and im going to give it a 4, just for kicks. Maybe someone will click on it.

etebitan1993d ago

the game does suck.. stop trying so hard...

moegooner881993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Just finished Chris's campaign, since most reviewers pointed it out as the worst, and i admit it was solely action, no survival horror elements whatsoever, it is not for everyone, but i greatly enjoyed it and thought the ending was spot on, Leon's campaign however has many of the old school elements, really well integrated, the story intersection between the four campaigns was done pretty well, there is no way this game deserves 4.5/10, if you are an old school nostalgic fan, move on to another franchise, but this is beyond ridiculous, and so many people are jumping on the bandwagon like mindless sheep without even playing the game.

NovusTerminus1993d ago

That's just it though. Chris' was said to be a action game, that's what Capcom wanted for him

And thinking about it, it makes sense, the military is not going to send one or two under armed troops to stop an entire outbreak. They would send a crew with guns out to stop it. So his having the horror feel, or feeling of being alone, does not make sense with the military's style.

Leon being alone on the other hand, and understandable.

Capcom wanted 4 different "feels" to the 4 modes, and they did get them. But I did not really care for Jake's or Ada's.

ape0071993d ago

agree 100%, i liked the leon demo i would give it a solid 8

dark-hollow1993d ago

Why people can't understand this?
a sequel mainly are not judged by their own merits and will be compared to it predecessors and from that basis it will be judged.

that's the whole fricking point of sequels! its not a bad game, its a bad resident evil game.

Carl_Shocker1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Come on...Leons sections were good but "Old school elements", not even close

It's basicaly RE5s gameplay but with Leon and in a darker enviroment



I've played the demos, watched all the trailers, gameplay footage, walkthroughs and I've played some bits at a friends house a few days ago after college (I'm not wasting my money on it).

"all you do is bash it on every review"

Funny how I'm seeing the same people from other RE only the same people who praise it can say the same thing on every article.

"u even had to write a blog about it to express your frustration,"

Right first of all it's "You" not "u"...this isn't a text message, second of all if you've actually READ my blog something you probably havent done (funny how you call me about not playing something then you call my blog without reading it), it's about how they could fix the franchise with a "reset", not talking about RE6.

moegooner881993d ago

@Carl nice of you to pretend that you even played the game, when all you do is bash it on every review, u even had to write a blog about it to express your frustration, lol, move on and try someone else man, this is just sad

moegooner881993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

@Carl, bothered by grammar lol ok this ain't formal, so i am gonna write the way i want, the franchise only needs fixing in the eye of the old nostalgic fans, RE4 and RE5 are the best selling titles to date and guess what they are action based, Capcom will never change the direction again simply cause RE4 got too much positive reception from fans and critics alike despite being completely different from the so called survival horror ones, if the game wasn't well received at the time then maybe Capcom might have reconsidered this, but why would they do that now, games are selling better than ever, and it is okay to hate the game, but you don't have to bash it in every negative review, your name comes up every time i click on a review, so don't act so surprised, you simply need to move on.

Capcom has screwed the old fans more than once, why do you still have hope, and i read your blog, again, you are missing the point, you are only stating the obvious imo, the challenge here doesn't lie in how to revamp the series, but in how to convince Capcom to do so and risk the high sales the mainstream ones are currently getting, don't get me wrong, i loved the old ones, LOVED them, nemesis and code veronica will always be among my fav titles, but i seem to have accepted that both resident evil and final fantasy will never be the same again. One last thing it is Leon's not Leons ;)

Soldierone1993d ago

For me it comes down to "is the game worth 60 dollars?" and since its now Fall it also comes down to "Not only 60 dollars, but would I buy it over another game coming out soon?" Since I can't afford to spend 120-200 dollars on games in one month.

The answer based on what I've played so far is NO, not even close. Honestly if they took Resident Evil off the box, then maybe I'd be interested in Chris' campaign, heck maybe a spin off title (one better than crap Raccoon City) and I might think about it. However there is no denying the absolutely generic aspects of this game, combined with clunky controls, and glitches galore.....

Leon's is supposed to be scary, lmao still waiting to feel threatened, let alone scared to turn a corner.

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majiebeast1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Have you played it?

Its just a terrible game.

-Terrible use of quick time events(who doesnt want to climb a rope for 2 minutes pressing R1 L1)
-Camera angles are downright dreadful
-There is no horror in this game
-Use of cutscenes is just very poorly timed(Cause what i want when im fighting a boss is a million cutscenes showing me something that couldve been done without a freaking loading screen)
-Re-using a boss over and over and over again how many times do i have to kill Derek simmons ffs.
-Boss fights in general are pretty poor.

The game doesnt deserve more then a 6 at most, the only time i enjoyed it was the first few chapters of Leon's campaign.


Nah its just a bad game, that tried to do so much and did none of it good.

ape0071993d ago

"that tried to do so much and did none of it good"

smart, the chris and jake parts are very bad imo

AsheXII1993d ago

I never experienced such thing. I mean just the fact that you state there is no horror, when horror simply means elements of supernatural and inhuman grotesque forms (zombies, t-virus variants) is proof that you have no idea what you're talking about.

GillHarrison1993d ago

Dude, I completely agree with the Derek Simmons boss, 2 of Leon's 5 chapters is just fighting him.

Pozzle1993d ago

I don't know if I'd say it's a "terrible" game, but it is very generic. I'd go as far to say I doubt it would even be receiving the amount of high scores it has been receiving if it weren't for the "Resident Evil" in the title. Better games have received more hate in the past. There are some issues I have with RE6 (camera issues, over-abundance of QTEs, repetitive gameplay, clunky controls...even with the addition of walking and shooting, etc) that are just inexcusable in a game of RE6's caliber. These are the sorts of issues you'd find in games with smaller budgets from lesser-known devs. To me, it just doesn't feel like an AAA game. Capcom probably should have delayed its release, because at least then they could have had a few extra months to fix the problems that, quite frankly, shouldn't be in a game with Resident Evil's budget.

Nemesis45671993d ago

I strongly agree with you, half of the boss fights I didn't feel like I killed it. It all seemed like one big movie. Some games can make a game with a movie feel (Uncharted, Heavy Rain, etc) This fails on so many levels. And rehashing Derek Simmons over and over again, could Capcom not get creative and think of other boss fights? This game deserves the poor scores, its the high 7 and 8 scores they don't deserve.

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apollo0031993d ago

@AsheXII, actually it's pretty obvious that you are the one who has no idea what they are talking about. That is in no way the definition of horror. This is the definition of horror.

Horror- an overwhelming and painful feeling caused by something frightfully shocking, terrifying, or revolting; a shuddering fear.

Resident Evil 6 has none of that.

DaPrintz1993d ago

You were scared playing the first 4 Resident Evil games? Or were you just scared of running out of ammo or ink ribbons?

TongkatAli1993d ago

I meant to disagree. The hunters, dogs and zombie moans scared me.