The 50 worst Xbox 360 games

OXM: Take no notice of the people who bang on about the "good old days" - this is truly gaming's golden era. More great games are released each year than we have time to play, and that trajectory doesn't look like it's tailing off any time soon. But just so the games industry doesn't get too big-headed, we've made a list of the worst games ever to sully the Xbox 360.

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DoomeDx2027d ago

Lots of movie game titles.

Cajun Chicken2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

The worst on this list, by far is Bomberman Act Zero. Come to think of it, didn't see Fusion Frenzy 2 here either.

TheCagyDies2027d ago

Only played three of those games, Duke Nukem Forever, Sonic '06, and Two World.

I am thinking of picking up Rise of Nightmares and Kengo: Legend of 9 when they are like two dollars.

Locksus2026d ago

Eww, nice choice of picture!

Dms20122026d ago

Very infantile picture to post along with the article.

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The story is too old to be commented.