Is Resident Evil Dead?

Aaron from takes a look at the Resident Evil series and asks whether or not the franchise is slowly dying as it slowly gets away from its survival horror roots.

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SlavisH22021d ago

Is Resident Evil Dead? Stupid? RE6 was the most shipped RE ever!

Carl_Shocker2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Shipped...not sold

Capcom got cocky and shipped a lot more because they thought

"Hey it's Resident Evil, it's going to sell"

Retailers bought more because like Capcom they thought

"Hey it's Resident Evil, it's going to sell, lets buy a ton of these from them"

But when it comes to the actual sales...we don't know yet, it probably has sold quite a bit but the fact is the game is still crap.

amaguli2021d ago

Shipped means more to Capcom, that is were all their revenue comes from.

Also, it is very hard to track actual copies sold by retailers to the customer. Retailers don't have to keep good track of those numbers, especially since they don't have to report them to Capcom.

In the world of video game numbers, shipped is all that is important.

NastyLeftHook02021d ago

Resident Evil Is possessed by a retarded ghost.

LOGICWINS2021d ago

It's not dead, but Capcom will take a break and work on a new direction for the series.

Carl_Shocker2021d ago

They already worked on a new direction for it...look what happened.

I'd rather they go back to RE4 style controls with the inventory from RE1-3 (which you could later upgrade if you worked towards it), I'd rather hear


then all the complaints you here about RE6

ritsuka6662021d ago

Is Resident Evil Dead?"

I just played the game and really it felt flat as hell, and BORING. The only campaign I at least had a bit of fun was leon's, that's it. BTW anyone who says "Re6 feels just like the original" deserves to be smacked across the face.

yeahokchief2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

It's not dead. It's dragging out a painful existence with short term profits for some sleezeball executives. It's undead.

Kill it. Kill it with fire.